Silly Silvers on a Specimen Water.

After a few rumours of some great silver fishing to be had on the specimen lake at Glasdir, in summer and winter, and as we are really having a mild winter temperature wise, we have been having some great silver fish sport with James Davies leading the way with some impressive silver bags, so I followed him to see how it is done. The team have been really looking at simple but effective tactics when targeting fish in the winter, and today was no different, James even had been reading up on Roach feeding habits, and he was right on the money.

Even though James brought a few tempting offers it was one particular bait that devastated the Roach and that was castor, fished up in the water, feeding little and often, for great sport. There has always been association with castors and silvers, but to see James set his stall out from the start and build a swim, gave me great faith in this bait, watching start catching little blades then building to an impressive 160 fish for about 35lb of red fins with a few golden Rudd.

James fished at around 6m at 18 inches deep trickling in 4-5 castor every 3-4 fish, and his pole never stopped, they might not have been the fish of a lifetime, however the constant bites resulting in good net of fish is more than worth the work he was putting in. He fished a single castor as to make sure every bite resulted in a fish, as he found that if you fished double he missed a considerable amount of fish. He fished his float about 6-8 inches from his elastic making sure that everything was tight to improve his hook hold, fishing s light elastic to reduce fish bump.

The specimen lake at Gladir hold a lot of Carp, so a great deal of bait goes into the water which it seems the Roach are thriving on, even with Skimmers in the water the Roach defiantly dominate and hoover up everything that goes in, I myself even tried 6mm pellets to try and bag a few skimmers which just resulted in more Roach, and one Mirror Carp about 6lb, which was interesting on six elastic, and 2lb hook length, with a size 18 hook.

Glasdir Angling Center goes from strength, with constant improvements being done by Dave the owner, while we were fishing there was plenty of work being done to improve the match pool with plans in the future for the specimen pool. Big thanks to Dave for his hospitality and continuing support, myself and James were amazed to be the only ones fishing on such a beautiful day. I highly recommend this venue if you fancy a day on the red fins, doing nothing special other than using simple methods and simple bait for a fantastic days fishing.

Water: Specimen Pool

Peg: 3

Tactics: Pole line at 6m, fishing 18 inches deep, feeding 4-5 castor every 4-5 fish, fishing single castor on a size 18 hook, 3lb line, 2lb hoot length.