Fish Out of Water on the River Clwyd

I'm not sure where to start on the this feature, as this outing on the river Clwyd in the Clwyd Valley was something extremely special and a fantastic day on the bank. I didn't land the fish of a life time, or catch my weight in Salmon, but the purity of fishing this natural small river that has run through the Clwyd Valley long before man lived in the area and probably long after we have gone was a a real treat. The fact that the beats that belong to the club are maintained to give the natural fish Brown Trout, Salmon, Sea Trout and the occasional Rainbow Trout the environment and habitat to thrive rather than stock, so every fish you land, was hatched, will roam and feed and will eventually die in this river, with no interference from man, in my opinion helping to give you the most natural fishing experience you could possibly have in the North West.

Fishing this type of water is something very new to myself, I have fished many rivers for coarse fish but never for game, fishing the Trent, Severn and many other rivers that are deep and fish able with lots of gear and bait, with well known swims and pegs. The difference with fishing this river was the variety of runs and pools, the sheer miles traveled finding pools, looking for rising fish, using water craft to identify which pools will provide more bites and hopefully more fish. I have spent a great deal of time trotting a float down river, but this was something different, creeping down to the water edge trying to get the float to trot across the far bank in the faster deeper water attempting to keep the bait flowing as natural as possible, trying not to spook the wild fish who tended to be weary of everything.

As well as the beautiful river you are fishing in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and that the River Clwyd is always classed as one of the six top sea trout rivers in Wales, out of forty fiver rivers that Wales has to offer, each year based on annual catch returns. I was informed by Medwyn the club already has members who travel from Wirral, Cheshire and Merseyside and even Yorkshire because of this and a number of people from these areas who regularly buy day tickets to fish the waters. Medwyn also informed me season members can also fish at other river and lake locations in north and mid Wales locations thanks to reciprocal agreement made between the club and other clubs and syndicates.  Further details about where can be found in the "Our Waters" section of the club’s website.

Fishing this river reminded me of nearly twenty five years ago, when I first caught catching my first ever fish with my dad, game fishing for me was so new is was so excited to catch my first wild Brown Trout on the river Clwyd, all the miles we walled, all the pools I trotted felt more than worth it when the float buried and I landed a beautiful Brownie on worm. I had two in all and Medwyn also had two slightly larger Brown Trout caught on the fly. While fishing and chatting to other anglers you could fish using the spinner, ledger worm fly and trotting worms, which I think I might give the ledger with worms a go. Talking to Medwyn it was obvious that not only the fishing but the whole lifestyle of this type of angling was intoxicating, the freedom to roam up to fifteen miles of river and the option of some still waters is all part of the game fishing experience offered by this club.

If you were looking to join this club or give it a try on the day tickets available, it does not cost the earth, I used my coarse tackle, ten foot light waggler rod 2-3g float trotting a worm on a size 16 hook, Medwyn fished his fly rod with a dropper fly and his main fly about two foot between them. Medwyn stated if you really wanted to get a game outfit together it would cost anything from £50-70 or £500-700 which is very similar to what we all go through with our coarse gear. We chatted about how the image of game angling was something that some people found off putting, the fact the stereotype in some people eyes  is a well to do gent in tweed with a £500 Hardys rod and a thousand and one flys all tied by himself, is far from the truth, the club is open and friendly with all ages and walks of life seen on the bank, if you would rather spin or ledger than fly fish and even trot a worm its all possible with the diversity this river has to offer.

In conclusion, if you are interested in fishing a natural river, catching wild game fish in the beautiful valley in the picturesque North Wales, with miles of river beats with an open and friendly club committed to fish habitat and environmental conservation, than look no further than Denbigh and Clwyd Angling Cub. Big thank you the Medwyn for looking after me and introducing to games fishing and the river Clwyd, I will look forward to my next outing with the club and you might even see me and other members of the team on a day ticket. If you would like to have a look at what this club has to offer please follow this link