Tryfan Lake

Tryfan Lake 12 July 2012.

This was my first trip to this fishery, and it did not let me down, I fished Tryfan Lake which is one of the mixed lakes, and stuffed with fish. The fishery itself is great looking and very well run, always staff on hand for advice and information. There is a large club house with cafe, the cafe in open Thursday to Sunday. The club house sells bait and has a vending machine. The pegs on all the waters I have seen are well set out and tidy with features to fish to.

The lake I fished was looking great, the water was a good colour, surrounding greenery was in full colour and bloom and lots of wildlife. I settled for a peg able to reach the island and able to fish the margins while still having the option of open water. I started at 12-13 meters up to the island, the shelf falls away from the island for about a meter, I fished at the bottom of the shelf, as the island has lots of snags and if you get to close it makes the fishing that little bit harder, but I knew I had chosen the right place to start as a fish was taken as soon as I went in.

The fish taken on the day was a mix of Carp Mirror and Common, Roach, Skimmer Bream and Rudd. The fishing started of great with a few Carp taken and then the silvers moved in , and there is lots of them, so the float never stopped still for more than one minute, as every hook bait that went in got ravaged.  So the key was to feed heavy and often, as fifty percent of everything that went in never reached the bottom, so if the small silvers are well fed, the better silvers and carp targeted the hook bait. Which unfortunately, I only figured out about two hours before packing up.

All in all this is a great fishery and I am looking forward to my next visit, there is something for everyone and the future is looking very bright for this brilliant fishery.


Tryfan Lake.




Pole line to island at 13 meters on the bottom, fishing the bottom of the shelf, 6mm soft hooker pellet, size 16 Kazaman hook, feeding 2-4 mm pellets often, at least one pole pot full.

Pole at 6 meters, out in front on the bottom, 6mm soft hooker pellet on a size 16 Kazaman hook, feeding 2-4 mm pellets often, at least one pole pot full each time.

Margin, feeding it all day planning to fish it last two hours of the session, 8mm soft hooker pellets on the bottom, feeding 5-6 6mm pellets every 1-2 minutes. The end result was fantastic; the lumps came out one after the other. The key was to keep feeding , the more feed that went into the margins in the last two hours, the more tail wash and reed movement there was.

The other two pole lines were the same, the key was the feeding, keep it going in and keep it tight, like I always say, if you keep your concentrated and accurate the fish will come.


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