Canal Lake one year on.

With the weather starting to turn, myself and the team are starting to look to the silvers, and those waters that hold a good head of them, especially the still waters as the rivers despite being great fun and sport to fish in the cold months, they are not for everyone. Myself and Graham Tasker decided to pop over to Commonwood fishery as it had been a year since my last visit on the canal lake targeting silvers, and with the weather turning nasty later in the day, I knew there was good shelter there.

The canal lake at commonwood is ideal silvers water, with plenty of small carp as well if you fancy something slightly bigger. The water is approx 11-12 meters wide with a deep track down the middle of about 5 feet, so good depth for the fish to hold up in the colder months, well spaced pegs, plenty of space and water features, the canal lake is ideal for matches, pleasure and dads and lads sessions. You don’t need all the latest gear or super baits you could have a great day on simple whip or waggler set up and a pint of maggots.

We fished simple tactics on the pole in the deep channel down the middle, fishing on the deck with silver tactics. We took plenty of fish with the bites being non-stop all day, which is what we all want to see on a session is constant activity on the float. We didn’t take anything over two pound in weight, but we were not fishing for the larger fish, we had Roach, Rudd, skimmers, Hybrids, Perch and Mirror and Common Carp, some lovely hybrids perch and roach taken, with me fishing on a 4 elastic made it that little more interesting. The fishing was fantastic with constant sport all day, and was nice every now and again the small carp came along and gave my four elastic a very good stretch.

Graham fished a slight heavier elastic a double four, over ground bait with large baits, having plenty of the skimmers and smaller carp, it would be safe to say, I landed more but his were bigger, which goes to show how the different tactics can produce different stamp of fish, but both being very affective.  The Key was to feed balls of the ground bait as soon as the bites started to tail off to keep the fish on the deck, even leaving it for 10-15mins for the balls to break down so the fish were really feeding on it before placing the hook bait over. Graham mixed corn and chopped worm with his ground bait which I think is the reason he had the larger stamp of fish.

In conclusion if you want some good silver fishing with a few surprises thrown in the colder weather you cannot go wrong with this water, and the fishing lodge is always open for a cup of tea. Every time I visit this venue it is going from strength to strength and never bad session. Big thanks to the fishery for their hospitality, and keep up the great work.


Canal Lake


Adam: 4

Graham: 5


Adam: Seven meter pole line to the left, on the deck, over gros gordons black ground bait, double red maggot on a size 18 hook.

Top 3 sections of my pole, fished up in the water two foot deep, double red maggot on size 16 hook, feeding maggots little and often.

Graham: Seven meter pole line to the left on the deck, over gros gordons black ground bait, chopped worm on a size 18 hook.

Seven meter pole line to the right on the deck, over gros gordons black ground bait, corm on a size 18 hook.


Canal Lake At Commonwood