Bala Lake Llangower 29th September 2012

After a failed mission to Bala in the February I was chomping at the bit for another crack at the natural wild Roach, and with Graham Tasker, James Davies and Lee Griffiths making the trip over with me we were ready to go. With Bala lake being famous for its big Roach and them being very natural, wild in appearance with their black backs and bright orange eyes and fins I could not wait to see my tip go round and feel the thump of those famous fish.

Bala lake is vast and feels bottomless, seems like forever when waiting for your feeder to hit the bottom, but this is part of its charm, fishing Bala lake is a learning curve, and the curve is vertical, the conditions can be that harsh that you cannot keep your feeder on the bottom or so still that the gin clear water is like glass, which on both cases produce little of no fish. Bala is ideal if you would like a challenge, punching a feeder forty plus yards, fishing the slider and big waggler, which are all difficult to master, but great to practice and learn.

On the day we all fished the feeder as far as we could out in front, two of us on braid line and two on mono, the braid went further and was more responsive to bites so I would recommend this when fishing on this water or any deep water venue and rivers. We fished open ended feeders with ground bat and maggots. We were slightly unlucky on the day, as constant rafts of leaves and branches floated across our swims making it hard to see bites and we bumped many fish off when playing due to debris on the line and getting stuck in the top eyes of our rods, and we struggled to place our bait as accurate as we would like due to the line not sinking after getting snagged up in the water on all the floating greenery.

The Llangower stretch of the lake was accessed parking in a lay-by next to the train tracks with a small platform by a farmer’s gate that crosses the train tracks and through a small field down on to the shale water side, the water is shallow and we had to wade approx 5-6 meters out and set out gear on our box legs and platforms. There was plenty of room all along the bank, and the bank was spotless, the surroundings were peaceful and beautiful and it was a pleasure to be sat there.

The fish on the day, were Roach, Perch and Ruff, with James looking very confused as this was his first Ruff ever, the fish were in great condition and a joy to catch, and despite me losing a Roach to a Pike, the fact they are wild fish and difficult to catch makes them all that more special.

The farmer will come and collect a few pound for you to fish this stretch and it is well worth it, as this fishing is hard but very satisfying and a great place to learn a new discipline.


Bala Lake, Llangower stretch.


Right of the stream as it enters the lake.


Feeder at 40 yards plus. Braided line, Nisa Flyer medium open-ended feeders. 4-5 Foot hook length, size 18 micro barbed hook. Gros Gordons Noir Groundbait and red maggots on the hook. Make sure you clip up so you are getting your bait on the bottom in the same area due to the depth as you do not want to spread your fish out.



bala lake 2012