New Beginnings

Written By
Adam Bowen.

Reputations are easy to come by and exceptionally hard to get rid of, especially bad ones, however, with new ownership Neil and Daniel are men on a mission after taking over management of the fishery in August 2016. It was clear to see that considerable work has been undertaken to provide a place that the village of Rufford can get behind and be proud of. The entire fishery was spotless and extremely well presented with obvious great care and effort being carried out since the change of ownership. Neil is creating a friendly and angler centred fishery, providing food warmth and shelter in the future, including a fire pit, smoker and pizza oven.

Before we get the days fishing on the still water, the section of running water the River Douglas was looking extremely inviting, with the bank belonging to the fishery maintained, it looked very fishy, and something that Neil is looking forward to embracing as part of the what Rufford Meadow has to offer when the new season starts in June.

Now, the last time I fished this water in 2013 we had a great day, but nothing prepared us for the amazing day on the bank that was to unfolded on the first fishing day for myself this spring. My fishing true to standard was all about the silvers, while Barry Smith and Dennis Jones went on a Carp attack, and we well and truly sacked up. I ended up with about 40lb of mixed Roach, Rudd, Tench and  Crucian Carp, plenty of bites and great fun on light gear.

Barry Smith literally emptied his end of the lake with a great performance on the method feeder and pellet waggler, with a good 100+ lb haul, with Dennis Jones fishing his left and right margins for Carp netting a good 70lb net of fish.

This water has proper character, at nearly 150 years old, it is far from am modern sculpted commercial venue, offering a real challenge and offering diversity in your angling, you can fish or practice nearly every technique of coarse angling even the slider as it has real depth to it, some pegs you are fishing six foot just on your top section. The whole venue is something a little different with quality angling, relaxing surroundings and fishery owner dedicated to bringing a venue beck from the brink for every angler who loves to wet a line. Big thanks to Neil for looking after us, and we will be back soon.

Big thanks as always to Beechwood Baits Ltd, Bait-Tech and Dino Floats.


Adam: Pole at 6 meters on the deck fished one inch over depth, size 18 hook B911 F1, with and 0.8 Dino Chi Chi. Double red maggot on the hook, fished over a 50/50 mix of Bait-Tech F1 & Pro Natural Dark laced with caster and maggot. Feeding tangerine sized balls, fishing over the top until the smaller fish are caught and the bites slow down then feed again.

Barry: Pellet waggler 6/8/10g loaded pellet wag floats with splash disks added, 5"Hooklength 0.21 to 16QM1. 5lb guru pulse mainline . 8 and 12 mm banded pellets glugged in Trigonella loose fed 8mm. Varied depths but mainly caught at 2 and a half foot depth. Method feeder 24g inline free running feeder 4" Hooklength to 14QM1. Micros on feeder and 8mm pellet banded glugged in Trigonella. Both lines fished to the far left corner from of the of the lake near the dam wall, the wind was blowing into that corner.

Dennis Jones: 4x14 DJ Diamond margin float. 0.18to 0.16 size 16 MWG Guru hook. Fed 3 pints of dead reds with sonu method mix ground bait. Depth was 3 1/2 foot 2 foot from the bank both sides 3 dead reds or single corn on the hook Elastic middy 10-12 hollow.

Barrys Pellet waggler fishing tutorial.

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