Moss Lake

Written by
Dave Williams

Today's session has taken me to a venue called, Rosemary Wood located in Lancashire, I was  joined for the day by my friend and team follower Barry Smith.With two lakes on-site,the smaller one called island pool and then the second one called Moss Lake. Moss lake was my selection for the day having some fantastic open water which looked ideal for the kind of fishing I had in mind for my planned session.

Bait for the day was easy, two bags of Bait-Tech Fishmeal 8mm carp Pellets, and new for 2016 a bottle of “Nutty Oil”. Tipping half a bag of pellets into the bucket, I added some of the oil, and the first thing I noticed was the very sweet smell coming off the oil, smelling perfect with just the right amount of Nutty aroma too coming through also, leaving the pellets to soak up the oil for 30 minutes (while setting up), I was surprised after that time how the colour had change on the the pellets looking a lot darker now instead of the light shade from coming out of the new opened bag,

Tactics again for the day would be simple, two rod set up, 6g waggler, with depths varying from 8” to 2 foot deep depending on locating the feeding fish, and the simple Bomb set up consisting of a 19g Bomb and a pre tied 15” hook link, simple tactics all round.

Barry had a very similar set up as mine for the day consisting of Pellet waggler, Bomb and Pellet and also a Olivette set up very similar to the Bomb set up but using the olivette instead, as this would mimic the sound of a Pellet hitting the water on the cast.

Firing out 4 pellets to around 30meters, it was very noticeable the carp were up in the water looking for food, as soon as the pellets where hitting the water I was seeing big swirls. Casting the waggler out to the required distance and with a constant string of pellets falling around the float, it was around the third cast I hit into my first carp, a great fight from a 4lb Common carp, repeating the processes of firing out pellets, casting out the waggler, twitching the float, it soon became a very productive method as the carp were lining up for the free offerings. It was arm aching stuff for a couple of hours hitting into the carp as they put up some fight, but the bites slowed  and it was time to swap to the Bomb and Pellet.

Loading up the Pellet band with the oil rich 8mm pellet, I was casting to and around the same area as I was fishing on the pellet waggler, hitting the deck and sinking the line, the tip was round in seconds, carp on, to around 8lb a nice Mirror was in the net. Next cast out I decided to put a Plain 8mm pellet on with no oil added, yes I did eventually get a bite but it seemed like an age for the tip to go around, so am thinking the Nutty oil has given me the edge today with lots more bite coming to the pre soaked Pellets rather than just the plain 8mm out the bag.

On the session, we had the owners permission to use the nets for 5hrs, with the carp ranging from between 3lb to 10lb I guessed our weight for the 5hrs to be around 90lb, with some fantastic looking fish gracing the net too.

Set up.

Waggler, 6g loaded Maver UFO Pellet wag, 10” Hook link with a 16s QM1 with a band.

Bomb, 19g Guru Bomb, 15” QM1 size 16 again with a band

Regards Dave.