Bags of Gold and Silver for £3.00

One of the biggest issues raised by modern angling and commercial fisheries is the cost of bait, and some the the fancy things we use to try and snare large bags of fish these waters hold. The shear choice of bait available to us as anglers is immense, and in some cases is needed on high pressured waters or when attempting to land a specimen fish, I myself go to great lengths and have great faith in some fancy looking and interesting smelling items in my garage that are not exactly cheap to buy in abundance. Don't get me wrong, as a sponsored angler myself using bait suppliers and top of the range baits and knowledge that goes into its production is a big part of my arsenal, and puts my angling a cut above and allows my to winkle out those special fish on my adventures, accompanied with many years of practice. 

However thats myself and I am  lucky to be working in this industry and the advantages like reduced cost in bait and tackle it offers, but what about your average angler, someone who fishes once or twice a week, or even a per month? is it worth them forking out hard earned cash on a multitude of exciting tubs of colour and smell or investing in a bait that can be used over and over to build confidence and does not break the bank, simple to use and affective to keep the float going under. So with this in mind a good friend of mine Dennis Jones, a very good angler who does extremely well in matches using simple baits and tactics. We headed for Rosemary Wood to put this simple bait idea into practice, as he has fished there often and done very well on the open matches, and knows what hes talking about when it comes to fishing.

Rosemary Wood was an impressive site, very clean, great water conditions, plenty of pegs with great features on the island pool and plenty of space on the specimen pool, ample parking and great access to the whole site, with the pegs on the specimen lake having parking behind. On arriving and waiting for Dennis i had a chat with a few locals giving it a go and they were raving about the place and how good it is. So Dennis arrived and we had a look around, choosing the island water we looked at all the obvious fish holding pegs, with islands in front for tip or long pole,  and good margins we thought no thanks, lets go on some open water  pegs that the average angler might prefer, maybe the quieter end of the water that might appeal to someone that fancies catching few fish using simple methods.

Dennis settled on peg 11, the corner peg closest to the car park and toilet. Dennis set up a few lines but started with the simplest at four meters in front and stayed with it most of the day as it was producing a great deal of fish. He showed me his bait tray and there was very little on it, some dry 6mm pellets that never seen the water all day, some corn which came from an 80p cheep as chips frozen bag, about half a pint of 2mm with added water, and small pot of 4mm ex-panders. Who would have thought the little amount he had on the table could have been turned into 60lb of Ghost, Common, Mirror F1 and Liner Carp, with a single Tench and an impressive collection of quality Skimmers.

The angling was constant and impressive, the quality of the fish was a testament to how much work the owners have put into the fishery, Dennis tells me the angling is quality all year round due to the hard work and constant active managing of the stock, anglers and ground work. The fishery is a must in the North West, the convincing stocks of skimmers is going to make a venture down in the colder months to bag up on them, and during the warmer months its a hive of big bags and plenty of bites, and as you can see from the pictures below a little cheap amount of bait can go along way with the right tactics, tackle and water.

Water: Island Pool

Peg: 11

Tactics: Pole at four meters, fished just touching the bottom, 4mm expander on the hook, feeding 2mm pellets little and often to keep the bites coming. Size 16 hook, fished with light elastic 0.16 main line to 0.14 hook length.