Nook Lake

Written By
Adam Bowen

Well, where do I start with this little number, you know when your walking through a park that has a natural water in its center, with an island, and looks like its been there a good long old time, looking so fishy your salivating and mentally going through your rig selection, scanning the margins. open water, bays and dark shadows teasing you everywhere, then you come across a sign that says NO FISHING and you die a little inside, this water had everything of the above without a NO FISHING sign. I was looking forward to getting the gear out the car and setting up ready for the day, I chose an open water peg with a good sized bay to my right, open water in front and a good chuck to the island with the pellet waggler. I set up fed my lines and the bailiff turned up to meet us and have a good chin wag. A few bailiffs turned up during the day and it was great to see the water so well policed with a can do attitude with  real care and passion for the waters at this fishery.

I settled down at 11 meters on caster fished on the deck, a light breeze coming from my right and at nearly seven foot deep, the float started to vanish with every put in, I started with decent Roach and small Common and Ghost Carp that went like the bullets and were great to play, I thought to my self I am on for a good day here, after about an hour the wind picked up and the presentation started to suffer at 11 meters, so having fed the dark  shadows to the right of the island and a few swirls seen, out came the waggler and it got ripped of the rest a fair few times, but with that the wind increased and the casting and feeding started to become a joke. I sat on my hands for a while, consumed some snappin and decided to fish in the bay. I potted in a few cups of 6mm pellets to my right approximately one meter off the bank and thats where things got interesting.

The float dipped on the bay line and the elastic ripped out and did not look like it was stopping for anything, hook pulled and I thought, better get the power kits and big hollow elastics out. I swapped my rigs over to some 0.17 line and off we went, and let me tell you as angler of some years I was struggling to stop these power houses, I have caught bigger Carp than these on the pole, but there were like fighting machines and took some playing to get in. Chatting to the bailiff who runs the Nook, there is a good head of these Carp in this water, along with big shoals of Skimmers, impressive Roach, Tench, Ide and plenty of smaller Roach, Rudd and Perch. One of the most interesting aspects of fishing this water was the booking system, you can go to the website and book a peg for the day, so with the ten pegs on the lake all having great features, if you pay your money you are guaranteed a peg, and obviously if you get there early enough, you have your pick of which one you want, I'm surprised to be told that this water is not as popular despite the amazing angling to be had. The larger venues in the area can some times be a rat race in the morning to secure the lake or peg you want, but this is avoided on the Nook Lake.

The Nook lake is something special indeed, a good sized water, plenty of features and more importantly plenty of hungry fish. You will not be disappointed on this venue, fishing natural or man made baits you will bag a few stunners and have plenty of bites. The venue is secure, well kept and liter free, bailiffs are regularly on hand for advice and to police the water. The pegs are well built with plenty of space. Get in touch with Neal via the website to book on and they run a regular match on a Saturday morning. Big thanks to the guys at NC Fisheries and my next stop will be the Specimen water in the very near future, keep up the great work and for all you anglers out there wanting something different, with the stocks of a commercial water but with that natural venue and a club feel, get yourself book on and get down the Nook.

Water: Nook

Peg: 3

Tactics: Pole at 11 meters, fished on the bottom, size 16 hook, 0.8 Chi Chi float, fishing double caster on the hook feeding big pots at the start and little and often.
                Pellet waggler, to the right of the island, 6mm pellet banded, 6mm fed little and often.
                Pole to the right at six meters, one meter from bank, on the bottom, 0.3 Trux float, 6mm pellet banded, 6mm pellet fed little and often.