Blue Spruce (The Old Match Lake) 9th June 2014

Written By Adam Bowen.


Fishing in the North West had humble beginnings and has grown so much over the last few years, but we have managed to neglect some areas of the North West due to the geographical nature of the team, however hopefully this will all change in the future, with the addition of Dave Williams to the team we will be able to cover more of Lancashire and Merseyside as and when we can. This being a first properly organised feature trip to the Lancashire area we made our way to Fir Tree Fishery nr Wigan, a well established fishery but with new horizons mixed with older reliable waters. Fir tree is a pioneer for angling in the area, with educational programs for juniors and adults, purpose built waters for disabled anglers, catering for groups and individual needs. This fishery has and is planning to invest a great deal of time, effort and funding into supporting education in fishery management, fish health and stocking along with habitat creation and environmental conservation, so defiantly more than your average fishery.

We chose Blue Spruce for this feature with a good head of fish in it and known as the old match water, Dave had high hopes of bagging a fair few fish. The water was in great condition, good colour and plenty of fish topping, with fish movement around the islands lost of fish holding features this was really fantastic looking water. The banks were clean, pegs spacious and well spaced, so after setting up it was time to see if Dave could catch some fish.

Dave chose a few different lines to fish, pellet waggler and method feeder to the island and short pole to his left margin, with the peg having plenty of options Dave stated how these had worked before and if it’s not broke. Dave baited up and started to fish and it was not long before his left hand margin swim began to produce plenty of decent fish, in-between catching fish to his left he fed the pellet waggler line and method line, but however the left hand line was fishing very well and at nearly four foot in the margin you know it is going to hold plenty of fish..

The fishing was that good we even managed to down tools and go for a walk around the other waters and have a look at the newly constructed march/education lake. As the fishing continued Dave started to build a very impressive bag, mixture of Ghost, Mirror, Crucian and Common Carp, Roach, Bream, Skimmers, Tench and Rudd. All fish were in great condition, with some very interesting looking Ghost Carp with all fish pretty much fin perfect which is secondary to the strict rules for fish care by the fishery.

The waggler and method line produced a few better fish but the main action came from the left margin line for Dave, I fished to the island on long pole and open water, I had plenty of fish against the island and open water but it was Dave on his margin line that really stood out. It was great to see such great care and attention to a fishery, you can see this in every part of the waters and surrounding area, the waters are built into the terrain and look and feel natural when fishing.

Big thanks to Martin for his support and we cannot wait to get on the new match lake for a few sessions. This great fishery is a must and is a real advocate for our sport.

Water: Blue spruce

Peg:  10

Tactics: Short pole to left margin, feeding 4mm pellets, 6mm pellet hard banded on the hook.

 Pellet waggler to the island, 8mm banded, feeding little and often.

 Method feeder to the island, 4mm pellet molded to 6-8mm hard banded on the hook.


dave on fir tree