All the 3's on Firs.

Written By.
Adam Bowen.

I visited this water three months ago in the dead of winter, it was minus three degrees and the type of day where you thought there was more chance of you catching your death rather than a fish. So three months down the line, with three anglers on the bank and plus three degrees on the dash of the car, we had high hopes for at least a fair few bites. I was joined by friends of the team Danny Stone and Paul Hutchins for this late Winter early Spring feature. We arrived to the usual well maintained and fantastic looking water from our last visit, with a little added bonus of a very fishy color about the water, the kind of color that screams bites and bags of fish. So we settled down and rigged up ready for our day, we were kindly supplied nets by the fishery and we were ready for a good day. We fished the right hand side of the water before you get the the areator.

There was a fifteen meters of water to the island, deep shelves and a six foot plus down the track for us to go at, we feed our chosen lines and set to work. Paul fished with three sections out in front at the bottom of the near shelf which is still about six foot deep, I settled on the far shelf at fourteen and a half meters on the at around three foot deep, and Danny settled  for a line down the track about six meters and against the island. The most prolific line was Pauls close line at  the bottom of the first shelf, he started of well, and ended well. Paul caught constantly all day on 4mm pellet and red maggots fished over maggots and micro pellets to a size 16 hook and 0.6 float. Paul had a net full of Common and Mirror Carp and hand full of silvers for about 50lb, not shabby at all for a late winter early spring session. Pauls tip for the day was to fish just off the shelf by about and inch to guarantee plenty of bites. 

Danny fished to the far shelf and half way down the main track, far shelf fished with maggots on the hook, over maggots, hemp and corn which produced fish later in the day, his busy line was half way across on the deck fished over hemp corn and maggots, which produces small fish to tart with then the size of the fish increased and he managed to land a 5lb Carp near the end of the session. Dannys method was to build his swim up during the day and eventually his far line became strong and it was a fish a chuck, with Danny being a big fish man it was good to see him adapting the bait he knows well to this kind of fishing, but they do say an angler can adapt the basics to all disciplines. Danny might not have caught as well during the start of the day but with the accurate feeding he managed to build a swim that produced the bigger stamp resulting in a 38lb bag of fish. Dannys tip of the session was consistency and accuracy with perseverance and confidence, as we all know that confidence is the key to fishing, having confidence in your tackle and your angling is half the battle.

For myself, as you all know I have a soft spot for silvers, so it was maggot all the way, targeting the good head of Hybrids, Ide, Chub and Roach this water has to offer. I started at the far shelf cupping in maggots then leaving it, cupping in maggots at half way and leaving it, sitting back waiting fir the fish to turn up while I chatted to Danny and Paul. I caught consistently to start off plenty of small Ide and Roach and slowly they all got bigger, and the island line was most prolific line. Fishing double maggot to the far bank started throwing up some very decent Chub later in the session, eventually landing myself a 40lb bag of slivers with a few Carp. My tip for the day was to fish with the maggots just touching the shelf  and every 10-15 seconds gently lift and drop the length of the float and more or less every time resulted in a bite as the session went on, light and balanced tackle with a 8-10 elastic resulted in a very enjoyable day and plenty of fish landed.

In conclusion the fact that we can put together 130lb ish of fish at this time of year, is a real testament to the quality of this water and the fishery owners, as we have come to expect from Fir Tree fishery the place was spotless and in great condition, so bring on the summer when we will back, possible one of the other waters. Big thanks to Danny and Paul for their company and Fir Tree fishery for their support.