Lake 5

Written By
Adam Bowen.


For many years now, the Lancashire area has remained an untapped, myself and the team are yet to really embrace what great sport the region has to offer, so when the opportunity for myself and new team member Warren Boswell to fish one of the regions premier complexes, we could not hold back. We had chosen Lake 5, the least known and least fished lake on the complex, but stuffed full of silver fish, and anyone who follows my angling, knows I am all about the silvers. Lake 5 is situated at the lowest point of the fishery, with a walk involved with your gear, the owners informed me this is the reason it is not regularly fished, and in my opinion people are really missing out.

The lake brought back memories of the waters I fished growing up with my dad, the lake looks and feels old and natural, with fantastic water quality, interesting features and an abundance of mixed fish.  The pegs are spacious and not your perfectly designed and spaced pegs you usually find on a commercial, I can honestly say on Lake 5, you feel like you have stumbled across an old estate lake, easily forgetting you are on a commercial fishery.

The day was all about Warren, as he was potentially going to be a new member of the team, I was keen to see what he was all about, and it is safe to say, he did not let me down. I however also had a good day, but made a few mistakes during the day, as we had no idea about the water, I chose Peg 10, open water peg as I always favour them on new venues. I fed 2mm Bait Tech special G 2mm pelelts mixed with Special G Gold fishmeal ground bait, with 4mm expander pellet on the hook at 11 meters on the pole, and the Skimmers and Bream moved over strait away, made a hole in the silt and played in it all day, so I killed that line straight from the off, never mind, so I stuck to my chopped worm and caster line at 6 meters, and managed a good 25lb of mixed Skimmers, Roach Rudd Perch and Tench.

Warren had this to say about the day.

Amazing day silver fishing at Bradshaws Fishery on pool 5,  I chose peg 9 for the day as it had great features all around. I set up 3 lines one was a open water rig at 13 meter with a Drennan wire 4 ×14 Pole float to .15 power line to a .13 power line hook link with a Drennan size 18 silver pellet hook.

Baits was a mix of Sensas sweet fish meal lake and Sonubait Black ground bait with caster and corn for hook bait. I also set up a margin rig at 13 meter to my right margin , my Set up was a copies off my open water rig just much shallower and with a size 16 hook. Bait was a mix of chop worm and caster mixed with soil and liquid worm and predator plus from Bait-Tech. Last of all I set up a shallow rig with a Kourum blob to a .13 power line and a size 18 hook to .11 power line. Baits was maggot and caster.

Started off on my open water line putting 3 large balls ground bait in I Also put a full cup of my worm mix in the margin. Started on my open water line with corn and started getting small Skimmers and Roach, but couldn't get the better stamp of fish. So went on my worm line in the margin and bang hitting into massive Perch, Roach and even Carp, despite trying to keep away from the carp today but they were great fun. While fishing the margin I lose fed about 6 meters out close to a bush closer in on my right hand side, it was unbelievable how many fish was there, big Chub and Roach.

 I spent the day swapping between the 2 margin lines because it was black with fish. I finished with nearly 50lb of silvers, and a few rouge Carp, with lessons learnt, I believe this peg has the potential to throw up a great weight than that, just needed me free offerings, so next visit will involve a few extra few pints of maggot and Caster.


Big thanks to the staff at Bradshaws for looking after us, and as always a shout out to Beechwood Bait Ltd, Bait-Tech, Warrington Tackle & Guns and Paul Hett Fishing Tackle of Hyde, for your continued support.