Lake 4

Written By: Adam Bowen, Dave Williams and Warren Boswell.

Lake 4.

Lake 4 is the one of largest waters on the venue, being one of the original lakes, it is well established featuring multiple floating islands, deep margins and a good depth of 6-8 feet across most of the water. It is an ideal water for long pole, waggler and feeder work, with extremely well made specious pegs, close accesses for parking, for those pegs with a narrow bank behind you, the fishery has placed very sturdy pole supports. This lake has 43 pegs to chose from and on this feature we noticed most pegs were catching a few fish. The lake holds a great mix of Carp (F1, F1 Ghost, Mirror, Common and Crucian) Roach, Ide, Barbel, Perch, Chub, Tench, Bream, Skimmers and Rudd.

While at the fishery, local anglers popped down and were chatting to us as well as the staff from Bradshaw's and all had great things to say, with horror stories as usual in angling regarding fish care and lack of angling control from the management lingering in the angling community, according to the anglers on the bank and staff, since the new ownership approximately five years ago,  the fishery has come on leaps and bounds to become one of Lancashire's premier fisheries. There has been great effort put in to the water quality, stocking, fish management, ecology and fishery maintenance. To create such a venue it takes time,  dedication and constant reinvestment, and it showed on this visit, as the fishing was brilliant and the venue was busy for a mid week cold winters day.

Tactics and Pegs.

Adam: I fished peg 37, fishing long pole at 10 meters on the bottom, fluro pinkie over ground bait. I fished a 50/50 F1 and Pro Natural Extra ground bait from Bait-Tech mixed with a hand full of pinkie. Pole float of the day was 1g Dino Chi Chi with a wire stem which was fished in seven foot of water, due to the wind direction and tow, I needed a heavier float with a large olivet pinned between Garbolino G-Shot No8 with a No10 dropper, for better presentation.

Main line was 0.135mm and hook length 0.105mm Power Micron from Matrix, with double pinkie on a size 20 G-Point Gamma Black hook from Gamakatsu. The pole rig was fished over depth by three inches due to the excessive water tow caused by the wind, with the float dotted down the in the water, all the bites were lifts, and with the large bristle that comes with a Dino Chi Chi, it was easy to spot.

I fished this line consistently all day, feeding a small ball of ground bait if the bites slowed down or the fish became smaller. Elastic of choice for this venue was the Drennan F1/Silverfish hollow elastic, which I find fantastic for this time of year. I found that if I fished a spread shotting pattern, I missed bites, or there were too many small dips and lifts on the float from very small fish, with a change to olivet, I found my catch rate increase.

Warren: I fished peg 30, with my mind was made up from the start to fish the waggler shallow, but I also set a pole line up at 9 m with ground bait and caster, and a shallow rig at 2 plus top kit too my right. I started straight on my pole line and straight away I had a small skimmers. Then the small f1s moved in. I didn't really want them so left that swim and had a chuck with the waggler shallow at 2 ft deep. Straight away I was getting bites from the roach. I was catapulting about 8 maggotss every chuck.

 I was getting lots of small roach so I decided to try caster and go to 3 ft deep and it was a good move . Where I was getting good roach to 1/2LB . I caught steady all day but really did struggle feeding off the small Roach. My main target was the Ide but with only having 3 I was a little disappointed. But there's always next time.

My Set up was a Drennan carp wagglerr rod ; line was 6lb to a 3lb bottom to a 16 silver fish pellet hook. Float of the day was a 3 bb Drennan crystal waggler. Fantastic sport catch good head off silvers. Looking forwards to next time.

Dave: Tactics,  4 Pole lines for the day.
Pole line One: 11m Out, hard on the Deck, using a mix of Chopped worm and 2 Dead Red maggots.
Dino Chi Chi 0.8g Float in around 8 foot of water, with 0.11 Main line to a 6” Hook link of 0.10 with a 18s B911 Hook.

Pole line Two: 8m out set at 2 o,clock in 6 foot of water. Fished single and double Red maggot on the Drop style with the shot spread out, again using a Dino Chi Chi float but 0.6g, Main line again was 0.11 to a 6” hook link of 0.10 with a 20s B911 Hook.

Pole line Three: Top 2 Plus 2, Fishing single maggot and a change to single caster at times. Dino Gino 0.4g Float, set again with strung out shot, 0.11 mainline to a 4” hook link of 0.10 with a 20s B911 Hook.

Pole Line Four: 13m out “Shalla” Maggot, using a Dino F1 Shalla Float , set a depths between 1 foot to 3 foot, again used a 20s B911 hook to a 4” hook link of 0.10. Long pole lines I used Bait- Tech Pro Natural dark Groundbait, and in my chopped worm mix I used Bait-Tech Jucie.


Adam: I ended up with approximately 40lb of small F1's with a handful of Skimmers, Ide and Roach for a fantastic day.

Warren: I ended up with a approximatly 15lb of Roach, Ide and skimmers, for an interesting day fishing the waggler at about 20 foot.

Dave: With a bonus winter Tench, I also had approximately 40lb of small F1's and mixed silvers, between myself and Adam, we didn't go 30 seconds without one of us having a bite or indication.

Big thanks.

The hospitality from the team at Bradshaws was fantastic as always with great inside knowledge from the team and we look forward to our next outing. Big thanks to the tram supporters, Bernard & Andy from Warrington Tackle and Guns, Hayley from Bait-Tech and Attila from Dino floats.