Natural Vs Man Made on Beacon View

Beacon View Fishery has a single lake, with plenty of fish and space, it has  some wide pegs and plenty of room. Dave Williams from the team had been here a few weeks ago and absolutely emptied the place, with plenty of good Carp from five to ten pounds on his last visit we were keen to get back up on this water. As Dave told me there was a great deal of silver fish as well as Carp, we decided to do something a little different on this trip, as I have a passion for everything silver and with Dave assuring me of a net full we decided on a natural vs man made bait challenge, to see what this water would throw at us.

As you can imagine, the natural approach from myself produced more bites and more fish to start with, I cupped in two pots of red maggot and hemp and started to work my maggot line at six meters, which was almost eight feet deep, and instantly caught an F1 and continues to catch plenty of Skimmers, Roach, Perch and Gudgeon, I was getting bite every put in and the fish did not look like stopping. I kept on with the maggot line for a while and then decided to see how the castor would fair up in the water at the same distance. I started feeding at six meters and began to slap my rig and it was not long before I started catching big Roach, Hybrids and then Bream, yes Bream up in the water on single castor.

I continued to catch well and once the fishery owner came to see us we eventually managed to get our keep nets in, which we kept in for almost five hours, to really see the difference between the two tactics, as we both knew that the pellet would produce the better fish. The fishing up in the water slowed of for myself so I went back onto the bottom over the original maggot and hemp line and began to catch the small Skimmers, Roach and Perch, I then swapped onto Corn for the last hours of our day and started to catch the larger Roach Bream and Hybrids, it could have defiantly be argued that I could have caught bigger fish all along with the Corn approach, however today was to see what a variety of natural baits would produce on this water and buy the stamp and quantity this is a venue I will be looking at in the winter due to its variety of silver and depth.

Dave fished the more match style approach, fishing pellet up in the water targeting the Carp, fishing a heavier elastics pellet banded hooks, and he manged some impressive fish all day, we only had the nets in for a few hours and he managed and impressive haul of Carp and bream all up in the water. Dave fished the pellet waggler and pellet feeder but the pole up in the water was the most devastating at eight meters, Dave fed with every put in, slapping his rig on the water and tapping the tip of his pole on the water always produced bites. Some of the Carp Dave landed were extremely impressive and in great condition, Dave even managed a few eleven and the biggest at thirteen pounds, hard fighting and beautiful fish.

In conclusion, if you want to have a diverse and enjoyable day Beacon View has a great deal to offer, if you want a day on the silvers or a Carp day you can get best of both on this water, with its size you can easily fish the the feeder, waggler, pellet waggler or pole, and with the depths it has it is a definite target venue for this winter. Big thanks to Beacon View for its hospitality and hope to see you in the colder months.

Pegs: Far side of the water in the bottom left hand side.

Adam: Pole at 6 meter on the bottom, 0.8 Dino CHI CHI float, fished with 0.7g ollevet to get the bait down, 4lb main line, 3lb hook length, double red maggot on a size 16 hook fished over maggot and hemp.
Pole fished up in the water at 6 meters, 4x8 float from DJ Floats, size 18 hook with single castor feeding little and often slapping the rig and tapping the end of my pole on the top of the water.

Dave: Pole at 8 meters up in the water,  0.17 preston down to 0.15 line with guru 14 pellet waggler hook 24" deep with middy power elastic 16s. Bannded on 6 mm pellets feeding small balls of micro pellets with every put in, slapping the rig on the water and tapping the tip of the pole on the water after throwing in the micro pellets.