The River Trent Nr Newark on Trent Winter 2013

The River Trent Winter 2013.

This was going to be my third trip to the River Trent, and with it being Winter I knew it was going to be a hard couple of days. The River had been in flood and on the day I arrived and it was just about fishable, with me starting the next morning I was hoping it would drop a little more. With the melting snow and rain of the last two weeks the river was flying through and was chocolate brown, all this was not filling me with optimism but with the peg belonging to the B&B we were staying at and the pub being next door it was not the end of the world.

Those who have not read my other reviews for this section of the river, the peg I fished from belongs to B&B as the river runs through the front garden, it is on private land, and as long as you are staying at the B&B, Kathy the owner is more than happy for you to fish for free.

Day 1

The weather was clear and dry, with no wind, I set up my gear and went to it. I set up two rods, casting just inside the crease; the crease is where the slack water meets the faster water running through the center of the river.  I cast out five times with each rod to put some bait in, look for the tactics section to see what I use. I was fishing for approximately two hours then I had a slight line bite on my left rod, so I poised my hand over the rod and then it hooped over, nothing prepares you for a Barbel bite, they are savage and with a rush of excitement I lifted into my first fish of the day. As the bait runner screamed off I then changed onto my clutch and played the fish, Barbel swim out into the main flow and thunder off no matter what their size. After ten minutes of playing the fish I slipped the landing net under it with a feeling of relief, Every Barbel I’ve had from this river has always been in the best of health, and this 7lb specimen was no exception.

After slipping the Barbell back I went back to it, and the left hand rod hooped over again, the fight this time was a slow and with the tell tale shaking of the head from a Bream, quickly dealt with, and nice 4lb river Bream was landed, while I was slipping the 4lb one back in my right hand rod hooped over to produce another Bream about 3lb, I turned to the wife and said “I’m on to a big shoal here”, and with me saying that I did not have a single bite for the rest of the day.

Day 2

I set up with the thought of more Barbel after the bait that had gone in the day before, but I sat there from first light to last light with not a single bite, I even tried single maggot to pick some silvers up, but still nothing. Two Barbel anglers set up on the next peg which is on farmers land and anyone can fish it. After chatting to them for a while I they informed me they fish this section all year round and have had up to thirty Barbel on one day, they set there rods up and bivvy with a log burner and all the trimmings, telling me they were there until Monday they should catch some fish. But they had nothing the same as me, so I didn’t feel too bad and at least it was nothing I was doing wrong, there were simply no fish.  


River Trent North Muskham Nr Newark on Trent.


Private Moorings belonging to B&B


Two rods, casting just inside the crease slightly upstream, Korum open ended feeders 90g, Maver Dual Band 13lb main line, Korum Expert 8lb hook length, Size 10 Korum quick stops barbed hook, 8mm spicy sausage pre drilled pellet on the hook from sonubaits, spicy meat ground bait and 6mm spicy sausage feed pellets in the feeder, both from sonubaits.


trent winter 2013