River Trent Autumn 2013

With this being my fourth trip to the B&B on the River Trent, I was joined by my friend Graham and his wife Victoria, Graham has fished the Trent for many years and was itching to get a line wet, and with Kathryn planning a full on assault of the bottles of wine she had brought for her and Victoria it was going to be a great weekend. We arrived on the bank on the Friday with overcast and a really health looking stretch of river so hopes were high for a few Barbel. The river was running very low and clear but with the overcast weather for the day the bites came straight away on the maggot lines catching plenty of Perch, Roach, Dace, Chublets and gudgeon, with the Barbel tactics for this stretch of the river being large feeders and a site and wait plan, we always like to have a lighter set up for plenty of bites from the other species that are in this stretch.

It was not long before Grahams rod hooped over for our first Barbel of the day, his Barbel rod was  fished downstream at about 20 yards out, taken on spicy Chorizo sausage, which filled us full of hope for the weekend. I took a Barbel about 6lb around 6pm and the maggot lines where alive being taken on the drop by this time.  With the Girls getting a little drunk behind us, with the sounds of the pub next door to the B&B, the smell of good home cooked food wafting past our peg and with last light looming we packed in for a the day and thoughts turned to the tactics for tomorrow, over a few beers and bottles of wine.

We started after breakfast for our full day on the bank and while walking to our peg, which is in the B&Bs front garden it did not take long, the sun was already high and bright with not a cloud to be seen, we got to the waters edge, the river had dropped another half a foot and was gin clear, we could see the bleak flashing at about 5 foot deep at the edge of the shelf, so our hearts sank a little. We decided to fish further out in the deeper water to help our chances, with both Barbel rods and maggot lines, and we struggled all day even to catch on single maggot with a size 18 hook.

So after 8 hours of pre-baiting our swims soon after the sun dipped behind the houses, my Barbel hooped over and the bait runner screamed off downstream and the fight was on, at first I was thinking this is a big fish, and it battled so hard I thought it must have been at least double figures , only to be shocked to see a 6lb lean looking barbell surface, and a quick unhooking to get it back in the water, which I found myself spending at least 10 minutes supporting this fish before it was ready to be released, which is why I love catching these fish, they give their all and the fights you get cannot be compared to any other fish in the river.

After the sun dropped, the river came alive, I had a Chub about 4lb on the maggot line along with plenty of smaller fish, Graham unfortunately lost a few Barbel on the maggot line but managed to land plenty of smaller fish and a cheeky Jack Pike as he retrieved his Barbel rod. Despite the weather putting the fish off during the second day we had a fantastic weekend, great company, hearty food and drink, beautiful location and a few fish as well, I always look forward to these adventures to Muskham Mooring, with the owner putting plenty of the work into the peg to make is more angler friendly with twice the space I remember I cannot wait for our return. Too see the bait and rigs used have a look at our pictures, which will give you a better idea of the peg settings and the fish. This is the most care free and easy going weekends fishing you can have, peg in the B&B garden, Pub next door to your peg, a great place to sit and watch your rods.