River Severn in Shrewsbury Town (Castle Walk Stretch)

Written By
Adam Bowen.



Parking in the streets (Victoria St) behind the bank where we could find a space, but there is plenty of access to this stretch from the footbridge and small lane behind the bank where we were sitting.

Our day tickets were available from Total Angling in Shrewsbury, follow this link for there website http://www.totalangling.co.uk/

The rights to this stretch are controlled by Shropshire Anglers Federation, follow this link for the infomation on this stretch and everything else they offer http://www.shropshireanglersfederation.in/index.htm

With the weather looking more bearable and this trip to the Severn having been put of for many weeks, it was like Christmas eve in my house, I jumped out of bed before the alarm even went off, with excitement in my voice and apparently a very loud bounce in my step according to my wife , I jumped in the tackle wagon and off I went to pick up Carl Jenkins from the team who was my Gilly for the day. I followed Carl to this stretch of the Severn as he had fished it many times and was confidant we would catch, and catch he did. I managed a few fish and a PB fish on the stick, but Carl managed the lions share of the fish.

We headed down to the river from the main road and picked our way through the small terrace houses and could almost smell the fish, parked up and dropped down on to the hard concrete bank which this stretch boasts, which was nice for a change not to be covered in mud. I fished slightly up stream and with Carl below me we went at it, and the break in the weather was short lived, the wind cut across and down stream and the rain tipped up and made our lives a misery for about three hours. With this the waggler fishing went out the window as we couldn't get the presentation and the speed right through the swim, so it got binned and the stick came out. We had a break in the weather changed tactics and the float started to disappear with that unmistakable quickness you get on a deep river as the fish started to come.

Carl fished his stick at about two rod lengths, keeping the line behind his float and holing it back about three times on each run approximately every six meters and the fish came. Carl fed with every cast, accurately firing six to ten maggots up stream to follow his stick down. The Dace came and they were corkers, between six and ten ounces each and managed a few Roach as well, all never seen a hook and will never probably see a hook again. The biggest surprise of the day was when my float buried, I struck and the rod went solid, clutch clicked away, I was fishing 4lb main line to a 2lb hook length, but had every confidence in playing and landing this fish on a 18 hook and light lines due to the balanced nature and my delicate but powerful rod, I fish all my stick and wagglers on the river using a 13ft Maver Reactorlite, sensitive for the smallest Salmon pare and with enough back bone to play and land big Chub and Barbel, like I always say when asked advice, if you purchase the a appropriate tackle for the job and your terminal tackle is balanced you can land almost anything that swims in our waters.

The greatest thing about fishing this stretch was not only the convenience of the hard standing bank and access, but the condition of the water and its character, wide deep and with consistent flow allows you to fish the stick, waggler and feeder giving your options depending if the weather is with you or if the water is up. If you are a regular river angler you will understand the joys of catching wild fish on light balanced tackle, fish that are not used to feed and are very weary of anything out of the ordinary, so catching these fish always feels more of an accomplishment than on a commercial or a small still water. I highly recommend before the season closes or when it opens you get down on the river, as only catching one on a hard day still feels like when you first picked up a rod and caught your first fish.

Big thanks to Total Angling in Shrewsbury for their help, and for Carl Jenkins taking me to a new stretch of and amazing river, with plenty of other very fishy looking stretches around that area and some interesting looking Barbel pegs below the weir, which I am sure might be a trip before the season ends.

Carl fished a waggler rig with 3 lb maxima main line ,3AA peacock waggler shottedwith 2AA 1bb and 10 number 8s short button style down to a size 18 kamasan b511 . His big stick rig 3.5 gr shotted with 2SSG and 2 no 8 droppers both rigs have main line tied too hook links with a size 10 swivel to help avoid spin ups.