Nether Mill Fishery


S36 8AD


S36 8AD.

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Warrens Review.

On the 24th April 2017 I decided to fish Nether Mill Course Fishery a friendly, family-run fishery just out of the North West in a small town call Penistone. With it only being a short drive across the peak District about 23 miles from Manchester I gave it ago. I have fished this water many years back when it was freshly dug out. And I was amazed to see how much it had matured over the years. With large wild rhubarb o the islands, small willow trees and reed lined margins all the way around. I arrived early morning to meet a lovely guy called Allen and after a quick catch up about old times he showed me to peg 12, which was to be my home for the day, which won the match the day begore with 76lb.

The Lake.

Nether Mill Fishery was built ten years ago, covers nearly 2 acres and provides 32 pegs for anglers of all ages, interests and abilities.The lake contains 3 purpose-built islands so that each peg has a feature to fish to. The lakes depth varies slightly between 4 ½ and 5 ½ feet and the bottom is clean. Over the last 10 years, the lake has grown to maturity. The margins and the islands are planted with a wide variety of plants (including giant South American rhubarb) to provide cover and spawning grounds for the fish and a beautiful location for you to fish in. The lake is fed by Scout Dike Beck, which ensures a constant flow of fresh water through the fishery and high oxygen levels even during the hottest summer weather.

The Fish.

  • Common, Mirror, Crucian & Ghost Carp (to 20lb)
  • Tench
  • Bream (to 10lb)
  • Roach (to 3lb)
  • Chub
  • Rudd
  • Brown Trout
  • Gudeon
  • Perch
The Facilities.

The lake is served by a gravelled private road and two car parks and vehicles can be parked within a dozen or so yards of your peg (though not on the grass verges, please), which is especially handy for the angler who has restricted mobility or a heavy trolley of tackle. There is a gravelled path around the lake to make getting your kit to your peg as easy as possible. Grass verges are mown regularly to keep pegs open and easily accessible.

Bait Choice.

  • Waggler line, hard 6mm Sonubait pellets with the new Sonubait f1 pellet oil.
  •  Long line, soft micro pellets soaked in the juice from Bait-tech and 4mm expander from Bait-tech.
  • Shallow lines were mainly caster with Bait-tech special g green made into a slop to create a cloud in the water. 

 Tackle set up.

  • Waggler set up was a Drennan crystal insert float fishing about a foot with 3 no 10 shots down the line to a 6” hook link with a size 16 Drennan carp band-em hook.
  • 11m pole line was on a Drennan as3 .4 carbon stem float on .13 power line with a bulk shot spread an inch apart above my 6” .11 power line hook link to a size 18 b911 Kamasan hook.
  • My Shallow lines where a Korum small inline blob on a .13 power line, 2 no 11 stots and a 6” hook link to a size 16 f1 b911 Kamasan hook.
  • My sec shallow rig was the new Preston f1 shallow floats on a .15 power line will a bulk under the float and 2 no 11 dropper stots to .13 Preston power line and a size 16 f1 b911 Kamasan


I started on my long line feeding half a pot of micro pellets with a soft pellet on the hook and straight away I was into small f1 up to 1lb. with one after another. Then it got to the point where I couldn’t get my bait down b4 they had taken my bait. So I left that swim for a white and had a chuck on the waggler with a hard pellet. I picked off some better f1s up to 2lb. while I was fishing my long line and waggler line a was feeding caster nonstop to my right over about 2 hours till I started to see swirls. So straight away a put my gear down and grabbed my shallow to kits. With a pinch of casters and a blob of slop over the top I was hitting f1s. Massive Roach. Chub, Bream and Crucian Carp for the rest of the day. I had such a great day catching fin perfect fish all day long I really couldn’t say how many fish I had but must have been over 100 lb off fish from ½ lb to about 3lb.I can’t wait to get back to a wonderful well run friendly fishery, with great owners and a great butty van that does amazing cheese burgers.   

Thanks again to Nether mill Couse fishery I’m looking forwards to my return


Written By
Warren Boswell.