Specimen Lake

Written By
Adam Bowen.

Larford lakes complex in the midlands is one of the best known fisheries in the country, headed by Phil Brisco, and his head bailiff Martin, along with the supporting staff, it really is an amazing fishery. The match and Specimen lake are impressive to look at, big bodies of water and full of hard fighting fish, with the intimate with interesting depths and plenty of fish, the River Severn length is a beautiful stretch of river, with a good depth and plenty of fish holding features on the far bank, however it does need a lot of work, with the team at Larford knowing this, they have great plans for the future.

We fished the Match lake on the first day and it was truly brilliant, but that a feature for our next trip. The main feature was all about the Specimen lake, and what a lake, vast and deep, and full of angling surprises. I followed Carl Jenkins and Dave Williams from the team, accompanied by good friend Barry Smith and Mavers own Sam Brown. Fishing the deep side of the lake known as Bares bank, in-between the Specimen lake and Match Lake, Carl had a silvers attack in mind, While Dave, Barry and Sam went on the Carp offensive. If you read their individual reports below to see how they got on.

The whole site was spotless, well maintianed and the accomodation was superb, a trip to Larford Lakes is a must for all anglers.

Sam Brown.

Rigs wise at 5m I used a Maver invincible diamond float in 0.8g on 0.20 line to a 0.18 hooklength with a Maver MT5 size 14 hook. Down the margin I used the same lines but with a 4x12 Float. All fished on 8mm cubed meat, feeding little and often.

Dave Williams.

Pole at 13m, 0.8g Dino Long Bream Float, with a bulk of number 4 stotz and a couple of number 8 stotz as droppers. Rig Line was, 0.15 Reflo down to one of the new Guru 6" LWG 16 hook link and using Corn and dead red maggots on the hook.

Pole at 8m, Dino 0.8g Chi Chi Float, again with a bulk of number 4 stotz with a couple of number 8 stotz as droppers, again Rig line was Reflo 0.15 down to a Guru 6" LWG 16 hooklink using Red maggots.

Pole at 5m, Dino 0.5 Steel Float, Rig line was Reflo 0.17 down to 0.15 and a 16 LWG Hook, this line was the short corn and meat line.

Feeder set up was a simple 24g Guru method feeder with a short 4" Guru 16s QM1 hook link and using a mixture of 8mm Banded pellet and also 10mm Bait-Tech Hi Viz Boilies, and groundbait for the feeder was, Bait-Tech Big Carp Poloni Method mix.

Pellet Waggler set up Consisted of a 8g loaded waggler, 6lb Guru drag line down to a pre tied 16s Guru QM1 hook with a band, using 8mm Fishery Pellets and feeding them too.

Barry Smith.

8g pellet wag : bomb and pellet : 24g hybrid feeder . Fed 8mm pellets and used 10mm trigonella on a 15" 0.19 hooklength with a 16 banded QM1 and speed stop . Had to bury the speed stop as the fish were wise . Micros in the feeder . All out carp attack . 0.21 5lb guru pulse mainline . Had to cast past my feed to get bites as the fish were behind the pellets

Barrys Top Tip. Use a small hack saw blade to cut a groove all the way round my pellet so the band session was not visible, to help snag those weary carp.

Carl Jenkins.

Pole at 12 meters in 13ft of water 1gr Dino float 0.16 line to 0.12 hook link with a bulk no6 shot and 2 no 9 droppers and a size 16 b911 hook . Ground bait Approach with 6 baby's heads into start then topped up every 10 mins with a Jaffa ball , hook bait was simply worm and corn cocktail , ground bait was dark crumb and sensas lake ,used 3 kilo during the session.