Ladywood Lakes Fishery, Match Lake 25/10/12

Had a trip over to Ladywood fishery today with Daniel Howe from UK Coarse Angling for a spot of silver bashing, and we were not to be disappointed. Ladywood fishery is a match and specimen venue, they are both old quarry’s with very deep pegs on the match lake which is a far cry from a muddy hole in the ground stuffed full of carp with three feet of water and two feet of fish.

The venue despite being stocked by the owner is very natural, with me only fishing at eight meters and my rig being twelve feet deep this was to be a challenge and to be honest I was loving it, with the old school tactics coming out the old way my dad thought me on the deep pegs of our old club waters.  Fishing caster on the drop against the shelf, feeding little and often. This water has a real air of quality; this is not easy fishing but its great fishing, working for bites, which in my eyes makes them a lot more enjoyable.

The match water was in great order and only being a year old it looks good and has a great future ahead, the bank was spotless, the pegs of good standing with lots of room. Good sized car park and good access to all pegs with a few disabled pegs thrown in. Due to its depth and size this water has something for everyone, pole, waggler, slider and feeder all capable of being used.

The fish taken on the day were all in great condition, we took Roach, Perch, Gudgeon, Mirror carp and stickleback. We took about 20lb between us, with most of the taken on caster on the pole and with Daniel on the waggler. The majority were roach but it was fun to pull a few sticklebacks out reminded me of being on the little brook back in the village in the summer.

This venue is a little gem, it has got a great future and I cannot wait for my next visit, the owner Gus is a top lad and big thanks for his support today. The anglers on the water today all caught some silvers and a fair few carp showed. The ideal way to fish this venue for silvers is light and balanced tackle, small hooks, thin diameter line and responsive floats.

I highly recommend this venue if you like your traditional silver fishing on natural waters.

Tight Lines.


Ladywood Match Lake.


3: Daniel Howe.

4: Adam Bowen.


Adam:  Pole line at 8 meters on the shelf, 12 feet deep, Preston reflow power 0.11 main line and 0.09 hook length. Kamasan B911 F1 hook Size 18, and a little light float from D J Floats. Double caster on the hook, feeding caster little and often.

Daniel: Waggler at 10 meters, 9 feet deep off the bottom, size 20 Kasaman  B911 hook, double caster on the hook, feeding casters little and often.


ladywood match