Guru, QM1,Lead Clips and Reaper Rests

Written by
Stephen Roberts.

Guru: QM1 hooks, and Lead Clips.

I've been using these hooks for a little while now. First of all I was sceptical with the hook shape but how wrong could I be. I use this type of hook for method feeder and bomb and pellet work. The hook point I razor sharp when you take 1 out of the box clear sign of a great hook I also like the low glare Teflon coating making it less obvious too fish. Even after numerous captures the hook remained sharp throughout so gives me 100% confidence in these hooks. Also I've been using the guru lead clip system. Again a great product to use it comes with full instructions how to use the product correctly. It's great how I can quickly change lead size when different conditions dictate without breaking down my set up. These will be a regular feature on my armoury in the future when a bomb and pellet approach is being used.

Guru:  Reaper front and rear rod rest.

 Hot off the release of the guru reaper rests I thought I would give them ago see what people were raving about. Straight away when removing the rests from the packaging you can see and feel it's a well built and quality products. The front rest I really liked the soft touch rubber where your rod sits on which served two purposes, one to stop any damage to your much loved rods and it doesn't allow the rod to slip forwards or backwards, giving great confidence in the product. Also the bat ears on the end of the reaper did save my rod from being literally pulled in on a couple of times throughout the day, as the carp were feeding that confident.  The best feature of the rear rest is the wide 'V' shape this made placing the butt of my rod into the rest effortless, and as the front is made out of the same quality and materials so again the rod wouldn't slip once placed in the rear rest. In the striking guru colours of orange and black we have come to associate with guru, they look the part whilst set up on the box. Again another two well thought out and robust products from the guru stable.