Guru Hybrid Method Feeder

Written By
Dave Williams.

Guru Hybrid feeder Review 21.8.2015

With the guys from the team using an array of method feeders from different tackle companies, I thought I would do a small review of the Guru Hybrid Feeder, which are available in three sizes: mini (24g), small (24g and 36g) and large (36g and 48g).

What a great piece of kit these feeder are, a credit to the team at Guru, ideally made for the use on the commercial waters up and down the country, with it bringing a fresh new feel and look compared  to a standard Method feeder. The design has built up sides to allow the feed to be pushed in as tight as the angler needs and in my opinion, more suited to the use of pellets rather than ground bait, giving the angler a choice of using much bigger soaked pellets in the frame instead of the standard micros or 2mm soaked pellets.

You have a Choice of using the feeder free running, in line or with the Xsafe system and using the elasticated stems, (all down to personal preference or that of the fishery rules and regulations). Casting of the feeders seemed to be a lot more accurate as the design seems to be a lot more aero dynamic giving a truer cast.

I think the hybrid feeder will work very well into the winter also, as you can vary the amount of feed you want to use in the feeder and also use the small size too, which will allow you moderate your rate of feed passing through the feeder on very cold days during the colder months of winter.

I used the Feeder in line doing a small review Fishing Lloyds Meadow fishery in Cheshire, where I managed to catch a lot of fish using a variety of different size Fishery pellets soaked, and using 4mm and 6mm pellets on a Band on a 4” Hook link, again a great item from Guru for everyone’s tackle box, from the beginner to the most experienced angler, these Feeders are must have bit of kit.

Dave Williams
Fishing in the Northwest.