Lingmere fishery match lake (22/12/12)

Lingmere fishery match lake(22/12/12)
I went to lingmere to fish the open match that there is on a Saturday. There is a cafe and tackle shop open so you can get breakfast and any bait you need. The match was a rover so you draw a number first to decide what choice you get. (example 1 = 1st choice).I got choice 8 meaning i choose 8th. The weather was terrible with high wind and a lot of rain. the match was over both lakes the match lake and the pleasure lake but i choose to fish the match lake.
2 lines on the pole at 13 meters one at 10 o'clock angle and the other at 2 o'clock I fed both swims differently one swim was fed with micros and the other fed with nuggets of bag em xpd. just fishing a bag em 4mm expander
I had 1 rig set up for the 2 lines as the depth was the same. the rig was 0.14mm aspire to a 0.09mm hooklength of the same material. my float was a 4x14 map wd1 shotted with a bulk of no 9 stotz and 2 no 10 droppers the elastic was preston 9h and i was using size 20 808 hooks.
The session:
I caught well on the line over the groundbait catching 71 f1s and skimmers for 51lb not enough for to frame on the day but i wasnt too far behind as third was 58lb but still a great days fishing on a day where the weather wasn't great
by kristian jones