Waltnut Lodge and Lake.

Right were do I start, despite the amazing facilities and five star accommodation, the fishing was top draw as well, I had three days on the bank landing a great mixture and stamp of fish everyday, all the fish were fin perfect and not match battered of marked at all. The lake gave me the option of fishing varied methods, pole feeder and waggler, from the private peg belonging the the lodge I was staying in, with islands, margin features, bare far banks and no other anglers able to fish on my end of the lake, it was a little bit of angling paradise all for myself. The lodge came with its own large tackle locker that was supplied with pad locks, but to be honest this venue feels so safe and relaxed I could have left my gear out everyday all night and it wouldn't be a worry.

The quality of the water and the fishing was well worth the journey and money spent, the fishing on the private lake for lodge residents was easy going and relaxing, you never had to worry about getting a peg, I fished for a few hours in the morning and mostly late afternoon into the evening, to avoid the hottest and poorest fishing times of the day, which I never normally can do on a days fishing, however staying in the lodges gives you a great more flexibility with your days. I was fortunate enough to be blessed with great weather, but this meant the airator was constantly on day and night, it was a powerful and efficient, enough so to create a constant flow around the island and half way across the lake. Despite this being a necessity for fish welfare, it made it hard to fish long pole or waggler, but on the third day it did have its benefits.I have split the trip into three sections for tactics and pictures.

Day 1, Pole lines x3 from private peg belonging to lodge.

Mixed silver bag day, Bream, Skimmers, Roach, Tench, Carp and Crucuain Carp.

Pole Line 1: Six meters out on the bottom, size 16 hook, double red maggot on the hook, feeding hemp and maggot little and often.
Pole Line 2: Six meters out the right against reeds , size 16 hook, 2mm pellets with 4mm on the hook.
Pole Line 3: Six meters to the left, against lily pads, 2mm pellets with corn, size 16 hooks.
All rigs fished with preston reflo pwer line 0.13, to 0.11 hook length, fished with DJ Floats.

walnut day 1

Day 2, Cage Feeder, from private peg belonging to lodge.

Carp Day, Mixed bag of Common, Ghost, Mirror and Koi Carp.

Small Drennan cage feeder, 8lb Guru Drag Line, 5lb hook length, hair rigged corn to size 16 hook, Sensas Black Lake in the feeder, fished to the clip, approx 30 yards out between island and lily pads.

walnut day 2

Day 3, Pole line from small peg to left of the Lodge.

Pole Line at 6 meters to the left trotting though to the right due to the flow created by the airator, chopped worm fished over Dynamite Silver X super green canal lake, resulting in mixed bag of silver fish, Bream, Roach, Tench and Skimmers.

walnut day 3

Walnut Lodge.

walnut lodge