DJ Floats

Not so long ago I was approached by a local match angler, who fishes  division one at team level, fished in many national matches, opens and a general all round good rod, about a line of hand made floats he was working on for general match/coarse fishing on still waters, commercials, lakes and ponds. He sent me over samples of the full range so I went to work while away at Eye Kettleby Lakes. The floats range in sizes and design for everything you might need, form 4x8 for up against islands or margins to 4x16 for deeper pegs, you can choose from a range of full bodied to slim bodied depending on the fish you are targeting. Each float I used over the three days spent on the lake, fishing from the edge, up against island and in eight foot of water preformed brilliantly, sensitive and strong, fished hard on the bottom, just touching or off, mid water and against snags was not a problem, I fished maggot, chopped worm, pellet and corn and were all handled with ease.

I fished to a Lilly pads on the first day and had to pull the float through them a number of times and each  time it was undamaged and ready to go again. The high quality of the product and the time that has been spent making it, working out the kinks and making sure is a fine product is plain to see, made from quality balsa and high density foam used in the aircraft industry, strong wire side eyes, with a choice of fiberglass or wire stem and variety of tips you will not go wrong with these floats. On destructing of a float I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the tip into the body, and that the stem runs all the way through the body into the tip, and I am positive this is accountable for the durability and strength of these quality floats.

My wife said to me as we were looking through them "They don't look as fancy as your other ones, you know the other hundred you have" which I explained that as long as they are strong, work flawlessly and do not fall to pieces as soon as you look at them to hard like some of the mass produced you can by I don't care what they look like, as long as they go under and last the test of time, and due to their quality sealing and build they will do. If you are looking for  high quality floats, whether you be a matchman or pleasure angler you will not be disappointed in my opinion.

If you are interested in obtaining these floats you can contact DJ Floats via his Facebook Page or call on 07979262892.