Daniel Howe, West Yorkshire Angler.


"Hello, my name is Dan Howe, I am based in West Yorkshire. I have been angling for nearly ten years and my progression in to the sport came out of the blue really, where I got invited to accompany a mate who fished. The rest as they say is history and as I had no one to teach me, I began watching fishing programs, buying angling magazines and books to learn more. After being bought my first kit by my parents, I began fishing my local stretches of Canal based around Mirfield, catching Perch, Roach and Gudgeon and as I became more proficient, started to also catch the better bonus fish from the Canal. From there on, I progressed on to the river, again catching silvers and then I began to fish a local club Fishery, which was where I learn't how to fish for bigger fish, including of course, the inevitable Carp.

In a period from 2007, through to the present I was lucky to get to know some very good people, through a combination joining Bradford No.1 AA and also when I went to Study Fisheries Management for two years. In this time, I met people who I learned a great deal from and I was very lucky through their generosity to be able to branch out to fish venues further afield. In more recent times I have made what I suppose nowadays is a natural progression on to Carp Angling. Although I still like to keep things varied and get out on Coarse sessions from time to time, there is just something about Carping that I got the bug for right back when I caught my very first Carp off the surface and indeed it is still my favorite way of catching them! It's just taken me the best part of six years to get my head around and become remotely proficient at it. Of course I am still learning and I am constantly looking forward to what new challenges lay ahead.

Early in 2014 I became Social Media Administrator for Xcel Baits, who produce top quality Carp Food Baits, writing Catch reports and so on, which I really enjoy doing. I have also recently set up my own blog to document my sessions and share what I get up to with a wider audience. Nothing flash, just an honest account of what i enjoy. Having got to know Adam and his work for his site and initially planning to do a few sessions over my neck of the woods we hadn't spoke for a while and i thought it was time we got back in touch and put that in to action!"

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