Large and Medium Lakes 2/8/2012


Mr Roberts said to me the other day, he had passed a great looking little fishery on the way back for Cudmore, stating that it was near Whitchurch and looked a cracking little venue we should go and have a play date at, as his wife doesn’t let him out to play unless he is accompanied by a responsible adult. So myself and Stephen Roberts grabbed a packet lunch and off we went.

Chatting to Chris the owner, he gave us the information on what pool had what fish in, he was very enthusiastic about our visit and turned out to be a smashing chap and a great fishery owner, making sure the fish came first, which as we know will always attract anglers.

The fishery is set near a road which is not over busy, just have to be quick when you are transferring your gear from the car park in the fishery as the car park at attached to farm across the road from the waters. The fishery was spotless and very well maintained; the pegs are in good order and well spaced with plenty of features with good access to all.

The fishing was brilliant, with a variety of fish taken and taken on a variety of methods and baits. Stephen fished the medium pool and I fished the Large, Stephen decided to go on the bottom with big baits and I was going to fish up in the water on light tackle. Stephen on the medium pool did over 60lb of a mixed fish with some golden Tench and nice ghost Carp. I fished the large pool taking a lot of fish smaller than Stephens but great sport all the same.

Fish taken on the day F1, Fan Tail, Koi, Ghost, Crucian, Mirror, Common and Leatherback Carp, Barbel, Golden Rudd, Roach, Golden and Green Tench, Bream, and Skimmer Bream.


Adam Bowen: Large Pool

Stephen Roberts: Medium Pool


Adam Bowen: 4th Peg on the left as you look from the entrance

Stephen Roberts: 2nd Peg on the right as you look from the entrance


Adam Bowen

Pole at six meters one foot in depth, feeding sloppy bread and 4mm pellets with 6mm banded pellet to a size 18 hook, slapping rig on the water x3 every few minutes to bring the fish up in the water.

Pole at two meters 12 inches deep, 3 red maggots on a size 16 hook feeding sloppy bread.

Small cage feeder 2/3 across open water, 4mm pellets in feeder with 8mm pellet hair rigged.

Stephen Roberts.

Pole at seven meters on the bottom, fishing corm and 6mm soft hooker pellet, feeding 4mm pellet.

Pole in the margin, fishing paste, feeding 4mm pellets.

Photos of Large Pool

villa farm large pool


Photos of Medium Pool.

villa farm medium


YouTube Video

YouTube Video