Back Pool at Villa Farm, Spring 2013

They are saying it’s the coldest spring in 50 years, but despite this late and cold spring the fishing was still fantastic at Villa Farm on the back pool today, my team mate for today was Stephen Roberts, and even though we where fishing match style tactics on a small pool, the bank tramp in him was chasing the carp as always.

The back pool at Villa farm is a well known mixed water with a healthy head of fish, and this is truly a mixed water, with more variety of fish than any other water I have ever fished, with some brilliant sport to be had. The water is small but full of character and features with well spaced pegs, the water is always a great colour and well maintained, the fish are well looked after and in great condition. With Stephen having a week off and us both not being out for a while together we started early, which is another great feature of Villa, as it is a working farm and you park on the farm itself you can get there as early as you like and leave at last light, as we all know, fishing is best at first and last light.

We chose the side of the pool with our back to the gate, the wind was cutting across the water but it was not too bad, the rain was on and off all day and the water was feeling cold, we fished on the deck for most of the day on various pole lines, however this water is known for its Ide, Blue and golden Orfe, Goldfish and Roach and Rudd that dominate the upper water levels, which fished well for Stephen later in the day. I and Stephen agree that the joy of that float going under and you not knowing what’s going to be on the end every bite is a lot more interesting than just Carp Carp and more Carp.

If you want constant bites and to catch more fish than you can count, small pellet and maggot in the open water will produce plenty of sport, for larger fish use the margins and bigger bait like corn, 6mm pellet and meat, with paste producing less bites but better fish, there is great margin fishing at almost 3 ½ feet all the way around with 4-5 feet in the middle. We had over 100lb of fish between us on the day, Common, Mirror, Koi, Ghost, Crucian, Golden and Fantail Carp, Barbel, Blue and Golden Orfe, Ide, Chub, Golden Rudd, Gold fish, Rudd, Roach, Golden and Green Tench which is 18 different fish in one pool, and there is a few more that we did not mange to get.

Stephen and myself really enjoy this venue and the owner Chris is very passionate about the  variety and maintenance to keep this water one of the best in the South Cheshire and North Shropshire area, we would like to thank Chris for his kind hospitality and as always his good humored banter as always. We will be back again soon maybe to try the other pools.


Small Pool.


Stephen: Peg opposite the gate.

Adam: Last peg on the left on the gate side.



1)  Pole Line, on the deck, at 6 meters out in front, size 16 B911 F1 hook, 4lb main with 3lb hook length, feeding 2-4mm pellets, 6mm expander on the hook.

2)   Pole Line, to the far margin of the bay to the left, size 14 B911 F1 hook, 5lb main 4lb hook length, feeding 2-4mm pellets, 6mm cubed meat on the hook.

The key to fishing these two lines was to feed little and often, and to alternate and rest each swim to keep the bites coming, remembering to always be accurate to concentrate the feeding fish.


1)   Three methods fished today: fishing sonu baits 1 to 1 paste fished top 2 in the margins close as possible to the overhanging reeds fished over 4mm coarse pellets 0.15 preston power line straight to a s12 B911 eyed.

2)   Second method 6 meters on the deck, fishing various baits including 6mm special meat corn and maggots using s16 B911 to Preston power line fished over 4 and 2mm coarse pellets.

3)   Third method fishing up in the water spraying maggots to the far bank fishing 18" deep 6lb mainline to 0.13 Preston power line s16 B911 and a 4gm preston dura float spraying maggots then casting to the fish it’s a busy method but very rewarding if you can crack it.


villa back pool spring 2013