Walking the long silver line.

As the cold and bitter weather continues, the silver fish remains king in my eyes, with plenty of bites to be had if you want them, thinking silver is thinking light and balanced tackle, building your swim, sometimes swinging fish in that would look just right in a tin of sardines, every bite being a possible specimen Roach or my little favorite the Gudeon. I was wanting to practice my long pole work at a good depth, but the kind of deep were you are swinging fish in on top 3-4 of your pole not 6-7 as on some venues I fish, as always with us on the team, we never feature anything that most of our readers would not be able to do themselves, so fishing at 12meters and 7-8 foot deep I hope is something everyone would be willing to give a go.

I chose Ruddy pond as I know it has good depth and a good had of mixed silver fish, plus I really enjoys fishing at Ruddy as I it always produces a great days fishing for me, and to see the continuing work by Andy and Jim bring this cracking fishery on from strength to strength, if you have a look at the pictures below you will be able to see the fantastic pegs they have constructed, and with some good restocking over Christmas and plans for a toilet block very soon, also continuing growth of bait available to purchase, this fishery is shaping up nicely.

The days started as many of mine and the rest of the teams does in Winter, sitting on our boxes with a coffee watching the sun come up anticipating the sport for the day, it could possibly be said, Winter fishing in my opinion can be more rewarding than summer, because if you fish right, be prepared and work hard you can have a very rewarding day. Even though I mainly fished pole all day, to start I fished a small 15g maggot feeder to the aerator to a on a light 9ft feeder rod with a 1 ½ oz tip while messed about setting my pole up and consumed Coffee and chatted to Andy, has a few pulls and a few fish, which made me think of this tactic all day but I had set my stall put for pole so after potting in a small cup about 2/3 of red maggot and hemp and letting it settle for twenty minutes, I lowered my line over the top with lift bite strait away and the day kicked off on the pole.

I fished about two inches over depth, with most of my shot bulked around an olivet just above my hook length with a small dropper to a size 18 hook, as I wanted the hook and bait get down the bottom and settle soon as possible to try and avoid the mass of small Rudd and Roach to the better fish which I hoped would be on the deck in the slightly warmer water. I always find when fish in a deep pole line, if you lower your rig slowly keeping the tention between you bulk shot and your float, you can pick of the drop bites a great deal better and there is less chance of tangling. Ruddy is usually alive on the surface with fish, so with the surface being like glass and not a single ripple by wind or fish fingers crossed they we all on the bottom.

The morning, early afternoon, late afternoon and early evening fished well and consistent, with a slow two hours mid afternoon, it seemed the midday sun just put them off slightly, but all in all a great days fishing long pole, which some people can find a little heavy and clumsy, but if you want to get the distance for depth and have accurate and well presented hook bait this is well worth it. I took Roach, Perch, Skimmers, Gudeon, Idelets (Baby Ide) Rudd and a single F1, all in great condition and up to about 20lb, which is not bad for depths of winter.The bites during the day where very fine, and the better fish coming to lift bites, but fishing a well balance float I missed very few of them.A few good Carp did show, if you have a look at the photos you can see a young Carp angler with a 6lb Common Carp, which was a beautiful sleek fish, fin and scale perfect with a very healthy looking mouth, which fell to corn on a method feeder.

I had a great day on the bank, and really enjoyed fishing the long pole to deep water, Ruddy pond is a great venue with fantastic fishing, and continues to improve every time I go. Big thanks to Andy for his continuing support and keep up the great work. There was a match on the Sniggs and a few anglers on Ruddy, was great to see anglers on the bank in Winter, just goes to show the quality of fishing.

Water: Ruddy

Peg: 22

Tactics: Pole at 12 meters, main line 0.11 and hook length 0.09 Preston reflex power, bulk stotz around olivet, small dropper to size 18 kazaman B911 F1, two inches over depth, Dino Chi Chi 0.6g float, fished over hemp and red maggot feeding little and often, double red maggot on the hook.


ruddy peg 22 2014-01-19