The Sniggs Pond 13th August 2012

Been meaning to fish Ruddy pond for ages, and when I arrived all my prep for the peg I wanted to fish went out the window because of the carper camped on the peg I wanted and the wind was cutting across the water, with the threat of rain later in the day I pondered on what to do.

I decided to fish the Sniggs pond, which is the small of the two lakes at Ruddy, which is well sheltered and would keep me out the wind all day. There is a large island which looked very fishy with plenty of features and only 8 meters most people would be able to reach it, you would not need a fancy pole as most modern poles at 7-8 meters you can hold all day.

The venue itself is very well run with good pegs with easy access. The venue was clean and the owner is very passionate about the quality of the fish and the environment of his fishery. The Sniggs pool is very under fished according to the owner and everybody goes for the main like, but in my opinion they are missing out on a great days fishing, if you’re like me and like to watch your float going under every time it settled or sometimes even before it settles this pool is ideal. I was impressed by the variety of carp and other species and very impressed with the size of the Raoch and Rudd, some almost a lb which when catching one after another is very satisfying.

The fish taken on the day were F1, Common, Leather, Mirror and Liner Carp, Rudd, Golden Rudd, Tench, Skimmer Bream and Roach. There was 44lb of fish taken with a lot of them not even ½ lb so you can imagine the float got buried a lot with plenty of action. I you want some nonstop catching for a variety of species this is an ideal venue in the Chester and Flintshire area.


Sniggs Pool




  1. Pole line to the island at 8 meters, double Caster on size 16 kazaman b911 f1 hook, feeding double caster little and often, on the shelf of the island, which produced a lot of good silver fish.
  2. Pole line to this island at 8 meters, 6mm soft hooker pellet on size 16 kazaman b911 f1 hook, feeding 4mm pellets little and often, on the shelf of the island, produced a lot of small carp.
  3. Pole line down the middle in open water, at 4 meter fishing on the bottom. 6mm soft hooker pellet on size 16 kazaman b911 f1 hook, feeding 4-6mm pellets little and often, this produced all the larger fish, including Carp, Skimmer Bream and Tench.

In conclusion Sniggs pool is a great days fishing, like I always say feed little and often and be consistent and accurate with it and you will do well, you don’t need big hooks or heavy gear on this water, the lighter your gear the more fun it is.

Big thanks to Andy and Jim for their support and making Ruddy pond a great fishery.


ruddy sniggs