The Ruddy Waggler Session.

Written by Adam (Bilbo Baggins)
Coarse and Barbel angler.

Those of you who follow what we do at Fishing In The North West, know we have great relationships with a fair few fisheries, and Ruddy Pond has supported us from the beginning, and has always supported what we do, and this is one of the reasons we keep going back time and time again, always a great day on Ruddy, and as its capable of supporting many different tactics due to its size and depth you can always try new things, or even do something you have not done since you discovered pole fishing many years ago, which was my plan for today.

I dusted off my old twelve foot float rod which I have had since thirteen and decided it was going to be a waggler day, but waggler fished on the deck at about fifteen to seventeen meters out at about nine to ten foot deep, the kind of fishing you struggle to find on a lot of commercial fisheries, usually more known on club or more natural waters, and something I admit I have not done for a long time, and in my opinion something that is underrated and unappreciated as a tactic. I always loved fishing the waggler, over depth and catapulting bait in at distance or throwing balls of ground bait in, a lost art if you will for a few anglers who fish the pole most of the time, and In my opinion anglers some are missing out.

On the Day I settled on peg four facing the aerator, as I know it’s the deepest point of the water, and the fish would be around that area, especially with the hard frost we had the night before that was going to be my best bet for a few bites. I fished a AAA peacock waggler, with bulk shot approximately half way down the rig with a dropper six inches from the hook, I fished six inches over depth for good presentation and dotted my float right down for lift bites and also it was a little windy. I balled in approx tem balls of ground bait about the size of a tennis ball and left it for a while, fired a few maggots over and had a coffee. I will be honest it took me a fair few casts to get my eye in, and fishing at nine foot deep I had to work on my striking for a good hook hold, but this was all fantastic fun, as learning new things or practicing old methods is all part of the fun of fishing for me.

I Fished about three to four foot to the left of the aerator over the ground bait I had balled in, and it was not long before I started to land a few fish, the thing was fishing this method the species and size if fish varied a great deal, one fish could be a six ounce Roach and the next a five pound grass Carp. The fishing was constant all day despite the wind. I took about twelve different species on the day, F1, Mirror, Grass, Common Carp, Ide, Roach, Skimmers, Bream, Rudd, Hybrids, Perch, Chub and one lonely Gudeon. All fish fell to double or tripple maggot on a size sixteen hook.

This method of fishing was so enjoyable I can see myself getting to grips with it again very soon, the idea of every bite being a different fish of varied size kept me casting in until the light started to fade, this was a great way to spend the day fishing, with a fantastic forty six pound bag of mixed fish. Big thanks to Andy from Ruddy Pond, it was great to see yet more work on the pegs and the fishery with the new toilet block up and running and the continuing stocking of fish, this fishery is going from strength to strength and cannot wait for my next trip.

Water: Ruddy Pond

Peg: 4

Tactics: 12ft float rod, fished on 6 inches over depth at approx 16 meters, AAA peacock float, 6lb maxima main line, with 3lb hook length to size 16 hook, fished over 1kg of senses black lake, double or tripple red maggot on the hook.