Ruddy Pond March 2013

Short session at Ruddy Pond, and I was not to be disappointed, started at 13:00 till 17:00 and fished the waggler. I fished peg four to the airator 18 inches deep with a light waggler set up as not to make to much noise and disturbance. I sprayed red maggots with double red on a size 18 hook. Make sure you clip up so the float falls about two feet from the airstor each time. 

The bites were instant taking small roach and rudd, then the float buried and a 4lb chub was making the clutch click away as it ran, as I pulled the net up to land it i could see all the red maggot I had been spraying spilling out of its mouth. The next cast produced a massive Ide, and them another and another, then back to bits, then more chub then bits. I took good sized rudd and roach, a golden fan tailed gold fish, my first ever grass carp small F1s and one about 5lb. 

Every time I fish the venue it never fails to disappointed, with a new stock of 80lb of small silvers and 150 Ide recently stocked this venue is always improving with Andy and Jim working very hard to make this venue one of the best mixed fishery in the area. 

Ruddy Pond.


Waggler to airator, 18 inches deep, size 18 hook. Double red maggot on the hook, spraying red maggots little and often. 


ruddy pond march 2013