Ruddy Pond 27th September 2012

After a couple of failed visits to this venue due to the weather, I was kindly invited back to do a review, and with James Davies who is becoming a regular on the reviews alongside me, we started at first light.

The water was a good colour despite the recent rain and with lots of fish topping we set to it, and we were not to be disappointed.

The fishing was steady all day with us taking 70lb of mixed fish. James concentrated on the Carp and I targeted the silvers. We fished different tactics with different baits and despite some slow moments we could always rely on the maggot to get the float going under.

The pegs and facilities are of good quality and the fish were spotless, we took F1, Linier, Common, Mirror, Fantail and Koi Carp, Roach. Chub, Skimmer Bream, and Tench which it was great fun on light tackle from my point and great feeder action for James.

One of things I found that I really enjoyed about my fishing was the simple maggot, caster and 4mm hard pellet  worked very well along with James sweetcorn  feeder line,  keeping it  simple was the key, you don’t need special meat impregnated with coconut oil and aloe vera extract or a pellet dipped in baby seal tears and strawberry shavings.

I personally cought very well on good old waggler tactics, took me back to fishing with my Dad all those years ago before I discovered lazy pole fishing.It just goes to show you don’t need to be dripping in the latest gear to catch well at this venue.

Big thanks to Andy for his hospitality and the venue is coming on extremely well since he took over.


Ruddy Pond


3: James Davies

4: Adam Bowen



Waggler to the airator, size 16 hook with double red maggot and caster, with 4mm banned pellet towards the end of the day. Firing feed little and often.

Pole at 4 meters red maggot on the hook up in the water feeding little maggots little and often.  

Pole at 7 meters on the bottom double caster on the hook feeding pole pots of caster little and often.


Feeder rig to left hand bank, Drennan cage feeder, ground bait in the feeder, pellet or corn banded on a size 16 hook.

Pole line at 7 meters, fishing shallow with double red maggot feeding little and often.


September 27, 2012