Giving sniggs a pasting.

With the weather turning and being constantly warm at the moment, I have noticed a great deal of match anglers turning to the paste fishing to target the larger stamp of Carp on commercial fisheries. Fishing down the edge later in the day, for when those larger fish that move in when they think anglers have left and thrown in some free offerings, let us all hope they do not break this habit, as we all know this have saved us all from a miserable weigh in at all out.

I followed Stephen Roberts from the team, who has a passion for everything Carp, if it is match, pleasure or specimen he is the man I turn to for advice, and for Carp features. We chose the Sniggs pool at Ruddy Pond course fishery just outside Chester, we have visited this fishery a great deal and it always never lets us down. The large water holds the larger Carp but the owner had advised Sniggs as it was fishing its head off at the moment.

Stephen started off by pre-baiting the swim he wanted, fishing in the corner across to the other peg at about seven meters, feeding ground bait and pellets and leaving it for later. Before starting the paste line Stephen fished the pellet waggler to the island and pole at seven meters out in front on the bottom, fishing corn and meat over ground bait, which produced plenty of bites and plenty of smaller fish on both lines, while Stephen waited for later in the day and tell tail sighs of bigger fish in the margins.

The team has been to this fishery many times and always had great days, and with the new pegs that have been put in, which are excellent, and the new toilet block the venue continues to go from strength to strength. The fishing is always great, and on Sniggs the verity of fish is what always impresses us.  Stephen took Mirror, leather, Common, F1, Fantail, Crusian and Ghost Carp, along with some impressive Rudd and Roach, Skimmers, Chub, Ide and Tench. The fishery is Going from strength, and with some very large commercial waters in the area it is more than holding its own, with plenty of anglers on both waters for mid week.

As he day continued James from the team popped down with his daughter to see us and a fresh flask of coffee, his daughter Evie has a good go and even managed to catch her first few Roach. Stephen explained he was keeping his eye on the pre-baited area, watching for tail wash, silt blooms and any fish signs. He kept the swim topped up and awaited the arrival of the larger Carp. Stephen told me there is two types of paste he likes to use, the pre-made as he was using on this occasion or the kind he ads water too, he stated people do make their own from scratch it just depends on what you prefer, or what is more convenient for that day.

It was late afternoon before we started to see signs of life, so over the pole line went with the paste in his cup and dropped it in, the was instant float movement and is dipped and moved, Stephen went on to say, sometimes you need to sit on your hand and wait for it to be dragged under, he had a fair few fish knocking about and few landed but not that big, still good fish but he was determined to get some bigger ones, and as he said it the float buried and the elastic started to make its way across to the other side of the water. After a good battle he landed a beautiful Common Carp about 8lb, and this was the first of a few more better fish, taking more Commons and Mirrors this was what we had come for.

The paste fishing is not my cup of tea, but watching Stephen I can see why a great deal of Carp, match and pleasure anglers favor it in the warmer months.  The fish were starting to really get on the feed but unfortunately we had to call it a day early for childcare and other commitments, but you could really see how this would be a devastating match tactic and big Carp bagging method. Big thanks to Andy for his hospitality and looking forward to our next visit.

Water: Sniggs

Peg: Carp park side, last peg on the left.

Tactics: Paste rig consisted of preston reflo power mainline was 0.19 (7lb-6oz) with a 0.15 (5lb-14oz) hook length in the same material down to a s12 kamasan b911 eyed hook. Float was an NG 0.3gm paste float with stotz directly beneath the float purely just to cock the float.


paste sniggs