Summer Bream.

Written By
Carl Jenkins.

Venue : Poplar farm Daresbury
01925 740243
Date: Tuesday 28th July
Weather conditions : 20 mph N/E wind with scattered showers 17oc.

Today myself ,James Davies and Dave Williams from the team decided to visit one of our underrated local waters . Tucked away in between Runcorn and Warrington is the beautiful Poplar farm fishery it has just over 20 well spaced out pegs with concrete footings that make a comfortable platform for all anglers from match anglers to carp anglers alike . The lake has recently been restocked with f1s Common and Mirror Carp which add to a prolific stock of Carp to 25 lb and Bream up to 8 lb as well as Tench and plenty of silvers too , Perch were introduced to help thin out the ever expanding silvers and now they reach a clonking 4lb .

With all this information loaded into our fishing brains we met at 7 am and walked around the venue .The pool is only shallow probably 3 foot at deepest but every peg you sit on the far bank is full of trees and features so plenty of cover for the quarry to hide . The tactics we chose  for the day were all different and so were the results . I chose to fish peg 1 and decided to sit it out for the big carp with the pole ,set up with black hydro 0.18 main line and a size 14 QMI hook with meat and corn , although I did connect with 6 lumps I failed in my attempt to land one due to them preferring the sticky ups to my left rather than open water . On the 3rd peg in James fished wag n mag and method feeder , James also lost 2 lumps but spent the majority of the day on the waggler that kept him so busy he went home with a full flask and buttie box ! Fishing just off bottom with maggot he tempted a roach or a perch every chuck , not huge fish but it taught us that we must return in the winter and target a net of silvers .

Then on peg 5 was Dave the bagger Williams , he set out to fish the 3 lines , the first the pole at 10 meters on the deck where he found a few fish but mostly small silvers ,his second line was a pellet  waggler as carp were showing in the far side margins , but again they declined to show a liking to anything put in front of them ,and the last was his most productive the tip with the new 24 gram guru hybrid feeder with 5 lb main line to a 4 inch hook length and a size 18 QMI baited with a banded 6 mm bait tech carp/coarse pellet he found the bream . In total Dave landed 16 slabs for 60lb the biggest going 4lb in a few months these fish will pack a bit more weight as they are just getting on the feed after spawning , although all the fish were in fantastic condition . All in all we had a great day and would like to thank john and Paul for the opportunity to review the pool and will be returning soon .