Poplar Farm Fishery, Winter 2013

Poplars Farm Fishery is a little gem tucked away in a lovely corner of North Cheshire, set on a working farm it is well maintained, stocked and full of character. Every peg has a feature to cast to, the margins have good depth and there is a good mixture of open water pegs and canal style pegs where you could reach the island with no problems. All pegs are of good size and stranding.

I arrived and the snow started to fall, the wind was cutting across the water, the water was chocolate brown and with the thermometer on my car showing 0.5 degrees my heart sank a little. My plan A was the good old maggot and caster over ground bait at eight meters in open water for the Skimmers, Bream, Roach and Rudd, fishing light elastics and tackle, size 20-22 hook, 0.09 hook length and light DJ float, but the wind got stronger and bait presentation was shocking, and I tried everything in my tactics book to get a bite and nothing for almost two hours.

So plan B, small micro cage feeder to the left side of the entrance to the channel with maggots, caster and pellets, and yet nothing for an hour just constant line bites, the frustration was building, with only a few hours of fishing left, I went out on a limb and hair rigged a 8mm yellow Ringers boilie and cast over the feed I had already put in during the day, settled the rod down and poured a coffee, next minuet the tip went round and bait runner kicked in. This fish was fighting hard so I knew it was a Carp, and a good 6lb fully scaled mirror in great condition. As time went on I had lost more line bites and some skimmers on the yellow boilie. It seemed that the colour was the important aspect, with the water being so brown due to the inlet pipe carrying the last week of rain water full of mud and natural feed, I even seen a few Carp feeding on the surface.

What I have taken away from this session is that with all the problems faced today, the potential of this water is very exciting, with all the features and great looking swims, I cannot wait to fish it again in the warmer weather, for me to catch such a quality fish in such hard conditions is a real testament to how good this water is. I was fortunate to see some birds of prey and a kingfisher today and the hints of spring are starting to show, as it seems like this winter has been lasting forever.


6,opposite the channel going behind the island.


Tip to left side of the entrance to the channel three feet off left bank,  size 18 hook hair rigged 8mm yellow Ringers boilie, sweet fishmeal ground bait and 2mm in Drennan micro 10g cage feeder.


polars farm winter 2013