Willow Pool

Partridge lakes is a premier fishing complex Nr Warrington, I have done features and some of the of the great waters this venue has to offer, and with willow being one of great pleasure waters on offer I was really looking forward to this outing. I was joined on the day by Carl McCormack, who uses this venue for coaching and education for all levels of anglers, in the different disciplines, as well as commercials, natural waters and clubs. I was looking forward to watching Carl, as he fishes this water very often and as we always say on the team, fishing is about learning something new every time you get on the bank.

We settled on some pegs with the sun on our backs to start with, and the heat was already bearing down on us, with some lovely looking water in front of us plenty of fish topping with all the reeds on the island were of us alive with fish. The water was in great shape, full of colour and features. As with the whole complex the pegs and access is always fantastic. Pauls butty van was giving a roaring trade with great food and drinks, there was a few matches on, and plenty of pleasure anglers all catching in the sun.

We started strong, myslef taking fish on the pellet waggler and feeder close to the island, and then on pole at ten meters, but Carl with his knowledge of this water started off really well, fishing against the island on pole, taking Carp and working his island line very well for the rest of the day. The fish we took were all in great condition which was interesting as heavily stocked and fished waters turn up some fish with marks and sores, but they were all fin perfect. The surprises were a golden Tench, the smallest green Tench I had ever seen and some cracking Roach took on meat down the edge.  

The fish taken on the day consisted of F1, Common, Mirror Carp, green and golden Tench, Roach Rudd, Simmers and Bream. Fish were mainly taken on pellet and meat, Carl was the work horse of the day, I took about 20lb but he worked his island line well with skill and easy did 50lb, the fishing tailed off as normal about 12:00 and picked up again about 16:00, but with the hot weather we knew it was not going to be a push over before we even started.

In conclusion, if you want a great day fishing on a mixed venue with plenty of features and opportunities to fish different methods, with Carp fishing being prolific and the great silver fishing this venue offers you a fantastic days fishing. I would like to stress that I wish I had taken some caster or maggot for the silvers , because you should never forget the silvers when the bigger fish go off in the afternoon sun. Feeding accurately and often was the key of the day as is so always tends to be.

Big thanks to Carl for a fantastic day and teaching me some new tricks, and Nel and Mel the bailiffs for another fantastic day and their support.  

Water: Willow

Pegs: Adam 8, Carl 9


Carl: Long Pole line to Island, fishing just of the  bottom and changing depths depending on how the fish where feeding, feeding 2-4 mm pellets with a 6mm banded pellet to s size 16 hook.

8 meter pole line, up in the water with sloppy groundbait feeding 4mm pellets with banded pellet.

Adam: 10 meter pole line fishing on the bottom, feeding 2-4mm pellets with 6mm meat on a 16 hook.

10 meter pole line up in the water, feeding 4mm pellets and 6mm banded pellet on a 16 hook.


willow at partridge lakes