Tweed Pool.

Tweed 11th June 2012.

My second trip to this venue, after a first great visit to ribbon, earlier in the year.

Tweed is beautiful small water with a central island set at the back of the venue, it feels out the way and secluded, similar to a small pit on a farmers field I used to fish many years ago. As always the water was immaculate, the bank well kept and as a plus you could drive all the way to the water from the main entrance.

The water has well placed and good sized pegs, with great access and plenty of room for all you’re gear. Each peg has margin features, a deep trench down the middle track, and an island you can easy reach at 10-11meters. The water is solid with fish and the fish are in great condition and plenty of species to choose from. The fish took on the day were mainly large F1’s 2-4lb Mirror and Common Carp, Roach, Chublets and Rudd.

Most fish taken by myself were down the main track on the bottom, with the two anglers next to me doing better than myself catching 30+ fish each against the island on meat and pellet. I myself took 18lb of fish, but if my peg was not full of fish the other pegs on the water were, and there was plenty of fish coming out.

There was a lot of matches on during the day, and the bailiff’s Nel and Mel were run ragged, but still made time for me, which I am very grateful, the reason this venue looks brilliant all the time and is run so well is secondary to the hard work and organisation of these two gents. Both bailiff’s will help an angler out with any questions, and know the waters inside and out, and are a wealth of knowledge for partridge lakes.






  • Pole line at 7 meters, down the middle track on the bottom, 6mm soft hooker and feeding 2-4mm pellets little and often.
  • Pole line at 10 meters to the island, on the ledge, 6mm pellet on the hook, feeding 2-4mm pellets little and often.


Tweed, Partridge