Striking Gold

Written By.
Adam Bowen.

I am a firm believer that it does not matter what discipline you fish, there are some waters that you just lust after, every time you walk or drive past them, you either nearly drown in your own drool or get distracted by all the rigs and methods running through your head. Gold lake on Partridge screams fish me and mocks you when your back is to it, its just has that fishy look and feel about it, and it did not let me down at all. I was fortunate to fish this lake and can see why it is worth every penny of the membership, and even some angling super stars gracing the waters edge on the day.

i started of on the feeder at around thirty yards, which started well with plenty of skimmers around 3lb and a few roach, a few Carp around the 5lb mark, so off to a good start. After a few more casts and few more fish it went a little quite, so rods down and dinner consumed, time for the pole, after watching Rob who was my guide for the day, emptying the peg next to me on paste at 4m and to his right margin, it was time for me to do what I do best and silver bashing was on the cards. So ten large balls of Bait-Tech Bream ground bait mixed with 2mm pellets and corn went in to settle, and I started putting maggots to my right little and often to start the silvers going up in the water, and it was not long before the ground bait started fizzing and the maggots line started swirling up in the water.

I fished these two lines for the rest of the day and everything that took a liking to my hook bait was quality, from the Roach and Rudd, Bream and Skimmers they were all there, and even a rouge Mirror carp of about 10lb took a liking to my maggots up in the water. The afternoon was one of the finest sessions of fishing a still water I can remeber for a quality mixed bag of fish. The entire water is of a very high standard, the whole landscaping and cleanliness of the water is why its a must have ticket for some anglers. The work put in by the team at partridge is why it is the premier fishery in the North West, and why on some days every peg it taken on nearly every pleasure lake.

The price for Gold lake is yearly or monthly depending on your circumstances, but in my opinion is worth every penny, if you broke down the traveling costs to different waters, day tickets, plus you can visit as many times as you can, cafe and toilets on site, and the secure feeling you are safe with swims always available at whatever time you turn up and the new tackle shop on site, it is worth the money and gives you everything you could as for from a fishery.

Big thanks to the team from Partridge lakes for their support and especially to Rob for his guidance and sorting the day out for me. I you are interest in membership please follow this link to see what its all about Gold Lake