Spey Canal at Partridge Lakes

Partridge lakes remains one of the most prolific match and pleasure waters in the North West, and is known for large match weights and incredible pleasure fishing, with a wide range of different waters for most types of fishing. I have done a couple of features on the waters this venue has to offer and with Stephen Roberts from the team never being here before I was hoping for a great day as we rolled up. One of the things that continue to make this venue top draw is the way it is maintained and looked after, the owner and the bailiffs do some fantastic work to keep the place spotless and looking great with the fish health and welfare always at the top of their list.

We settled on the Spey Canal, that mirrors Marsh canal, 20 plus pegs well spaced with plenty features on the far bank, you can fish the margin or far bank with ease, the margins have good depth and the far bank could be fished on the bottom or up in the water, the middle track is a good 6 feet deep, the great thing about this water, is it gives you plenty of options, but is more suited to pole fishing, the far bank is 11 meters approx so you do not need top of the range poles that are super light at long distance to fish it.

It was a beautiful morning as we set up and started the banter, Stephen had not fished the water before or anything similar and was chomping at the bit to get his line wet. Spey is known to hold a large amount of F1 Carp and plenty of Commons and Mirrors, match weights from 80-100lb is common from club to OAP matches. We shipped out to the far bank and instantly Stephen had a bite and then the first fish came as soon as he lowered the pellet back in and my line was the same. With great expectations for the day after a brilliant start moral was high.

However the start did not reflect the next two hours, the fish we just not interested in anything we presented, corn, meat 4,6 and 8mm pellets were not given the time of day, we tried every different depth and technique we would normally fish on a commercial, then Stephen tried maggot and loose ground bait and the float sailed away to a nice F1 against the far bank, he dropped his hook to a size 18 with 0.11 hook length and the bites came flooding back, we nicked named the sloppy ground bait mix of Sensas Magic 3000 Red the Masala Mix, as it looked like Tika Masala and stained like it as well.

So a prolific bagging water is not producing big bags of carp, however the question is do we rely too much on pellets and slapping rigs up in the water, feeding margins and far banks, pushing rigs on slopes and making them dance so a Carp or F1 snatches at it, are we to reliant on large stocks to catch big bags of these F1s and Carp on commercials? And when this is not producing the fish you were expecting, you here people staying “it’s not fishing”, or even its “no good” are they wrong? Or are we expecting to always bag on commercials and forgetting it called fishing and not catching. We always say in the team not to forget the silvers, and you will still catch and have a good days fishing.

 We changed tactics, 18 hooks light hook lengths, fishing maggots and feeding maggot, little and often just touching the bottom on light rigs,  and we soon cracked it, and it was beginning to become a great days fishing, our most actives lines where against the far bank and at 5 meters. We soon started to build good bags of fish, and a real mixed bag at that, we took F1, Common, Fantail and Mirror Carp, Golden Tench, Rudd, Roach, Skimmers, Bream, Perch Ide and Barbel, the fish were not massive but plenty of them and you did not know what you would land every time the float went under.

All in all it was a good day with a good friend at a great fishery, big thanks to the team at partridge lakes for their continuing support, and do not forget that if the fish are not having it, go back to basics, scale down and build your swim, look to the silvers if the bigger stock of fish are not showing. Due to the way the waters are stocked there is something for everyone, and there is no need to be frustrated, you can always pull it back on these great waters.


Spey Canal.


Sephen : 2

Adam: 3


Stephen: Pole at 11 meters to far bank on the bottom, 18 hook, maggots on the hook feeding loose/sloppy ground bait and maggots.

               Pole  at 6 meters, on the bottom, 18 hook, maggots on the hook, feeding maggots, 2mm and 4mm pellets little and often.

Adam: Pole at 11 meters to far bank on the bottom, 18 hook, maggots on the hook feeding loose/sloppy ground bait and maggots.

           Pole at 5 meters, 18 hook, on the bottom, maggots on the hook feeding maggots and 2mm pellets little and often.


Speg at partridge