Ribbon, who needs all singing all dancing.

Written by.
Adam Bowen.

I followed James Davies from the team to partridge lakes to fish for Skimmers on Willow, noted for its abundance of good skimmers and great sport, however the weather had a different idea, with horrendous winds in our face and pole rollers being blown over, it was time for a move, and Ribbon looked a great deal more sheltered. James settled on peg five and with the island in site, he went to work and was relentless for the remaining time we had on the bank.

Fishing to islands with a pole has few draw backs and many advantages on commercial waters, and with great number of commercial waters having snake lakes and island lakes available for both match and pleasure anglers, pole fishing to these islands or far banks are very popular. The question is, do you need an all singing all dancing top end pole? and in my opinion the answer depends on the angler or where you are fishing, if you are a match angler who fishes at fourteen to sixteen meters week in week out  then yes, if you are a an angler who fished top two and two, or six to eight meters then no. However what about your anglers who take what they do very seriously, are not in the position to acquire top end poles who want to fish competitively to islands, develop these skills and have great days on the bank? Then Ribbon and a good mid range pole allows you to do this, a eleven or thirteen meter pole will do you all day long form most pegs, and with the well sized pegs the perfect fish holding features on the far bank, you will be a bagging machine if you get it wright on the day.  

James fished to the right of the far bank to some reeds, feeding little and often and keeping the bait moving, three maggots on the hook kept them coming back every time. James fished a small in line dibber float and approx 18 inches deep to produce a fantastic 80lb mixed bag of F1, Common, Mirror Carp, a few Ide and Skimmers as well. James fished with a well balanced rig, elastic and as soon as he felt that fish he shipped bag quickly to play the fish in open water, insuring less of them got away. James fished with a 8-10 hollow elastic and because he had a balance rig it gave him the suppleness not to bump fish and the back bone to land the slightly larger ones.

The day was a success despite its poor start, James manages this bag on an unpressurized day fishing simple tactics and only for around four hours. Big thanks to Dave Nel and Mel at partridge lakes, the venue is looking amazing as always and thanks you for your continuing support. The venue now boasts a very well stocked tackle shop on site open seven days a week, with all the terminal tackle and bait you would need for a session at this venue.

Water: Ribbon

Peg: 5

Tactics: Pole at 10-11 meters to the island, 18 inches deep, 3 red maggots on a size 16 hook, 5lb main line to 3lb hook length, feeding maggots and 6mm pellets little and often, 8-10 hollow elastic.