Holbar Lake at Partridge

Dave Williams and Steve Parry from Guru.


This adventure to Holbar Lake at partridge was a something a little different,  as we were joined by Gurus Steve Parry (Pazza) for a days fishing. I followed Dave Williams form the team who was joined also by friend of the team Pete Mahoney from Bait Tech, for a day on the bank with Steve for a feature on this the largest water on Partridge. With the team always thinking of  different ways of bringing new features to the site for our readers, we were very proud to be on the bank with a leading tackle manufacture backed angler, arranged by Dave Williams.

The day started of slow, but it always does on Holbar, every time I have fished it and Dave agrees, it always starts of slow and picks up late afternoon early evening, however due to work commitments Steve did not have the luxury of fishing as late as Dave, but watching and talking to Steve it was easy to see why he is backed by Guru. Even though the day started slow, Holbar did not let us down, Dave and Steve fishing in the high forty pegs, fishing both long pole, feeder, bomb, pellet waggler and margin pole lines, the fish started to come, and some of the Carp taken by Steve down the margin were very impressive in the short time he had with us, again demonstrating not only the quality of Steve but  the quality of the fish that Holbar has lurking down the edge.

Holbar is known more for its Carp but has a real mixed species to offer as well, Roach, Barbel, Rudd, Skimmers, Bream and many more of this impressive water. The pegs being fished by Steve and Dave all had features to aim for, from good margin depths to islands for feeder and bomb to cast to. The Holbar lake itself is much more than a Carp hole, plenty to go at with plenty of fish, you can use a natural or man made baits and both will result in a good mixed bag. The pegs are well spaced with plenty of features, parking and access is plentiful, there is good depths to create both up in the water and on the deck fishing.

Dave fished pole, feeder and pellet waggler, taking a great mixed bag of fish, from small Perch to Barbel, and a fair few F1s Common and Mirror Carp. Dave fished accurate and consistent all day knowing full well if he kept at it they would turn up eventually in greater number with their heads down. Feeding a variety of sized pellets and maggots Dave managed to build a successful swim to really show what this water is capable of if you concentrated your feed are accurate with a little patience.

Going back to Steve from Guru, I had a long chat with him regarding working with Guru and how it all came about, which he replied hard work, preparation, time spent on the bank in abundance, and basically learning and shaping your angling to keep improving what you do. He told me being noticed by Guru was a real defining moment and made the hard work and sacrifice all worth it. Judging from the way Steve fished, the gear he was using and the organization of his tackle, you could really see why Guru backs him. The Guru products he was using was very high quality, the Rive box with the Guru modification on it was nothing but special, along with all the terminal tackle rig boxes, just gives the Guru products that high quality look, and why a great deal of anglers turn to them in the competitive world of angling.

Big thanks to Partridge Lakes and Dave Williams from the team for organizing the day, and special  thanks to Steve and Guru for their support and time. The Holbar lake at partridge is not to be ignored, don't be but off with this big Carp reputation as it has much more to offer in mixed fish to simple tactics.

Pegs : Dave 46 , Steve 47

Water: Holbar

Tactics: Steve: Pole at 11 meters fishing 6mm soft hooker expander with micros, Margin with the same producing plenty of Creatures from down the edge.

Maggot feeder lineKamasan black cap feeder Mainline 0.25 guru drag 6lb,Guru speed bead to 18" N gauge 0.15 hook size 16 LWG,double red maggot to the island, carp,F1s,skimmer, roach and Barbel.

Pellet feeder line Guru pellet feeder 24g, Mainline Maxima 0.22 6lb, 4" hook length on guru ngauge 5lb 0.15, Hook size 16 guru mwg, banded 6mm pellet, Carp,F1s from the island tight up.

Shalla maggot pole line 12m out 24" deep red maggot x2, Mainline 0.19 ngauge down to 4" hook lenght 0.13 to hook 16s LWG, Float Dino F1 shape by pete Mahoney, Constant feeding 6 red maggots for roach, skimmers, rudd, carp and F1s.