Holbar 300+ Club

Written By
Adam Bowen

Partridge lakes still remains the premier fishery in the North West  and after this weekend's action it is easy to see why. Myself, Stephen Roberts from the team and our guest for the day Barry Smith ventured down to Holbar on the complex to see what it had to offer. We settled on the peninsula with three pegs close together with good casting distances and open water for pole work from myself. Stephen and Barry decided on the pellet waggler and bomb with pellet, while I decided on pole for the silvers.

We went about our usual set up banta and the weather was perfect, slight breeze causing a ripple to our end of the lake, over cast and a good temperature we were ready to go. The start was frantic with Stephen straight into a large Carp on his first cast, and he never looked back. Barry started off on a similar frantic start.

Now, Holbar is known as the Carp water of the complex, however she has a secret and that's the silver sport that is on offer. I shipped out and found seven foot of water at six meters , big pot of maggots went in and waited while watching the others bag. Shipping back out with the float settling and instantly sliding away to give me my first battle of the day, elastic ripping out I was down hearted as I thought it was a Carp, I don't mind Carp, but when targeting  silvers it can come as a frustration when fishing light balanced gear. However my surprise was a Barbel about a pound in weight, which gave a good scrap and was a fantastic surprise.

The silver sport from the off for myself was frantic, amazing in fact, every put in was a decent Roach or Barbel, and from half eight to one o'clock was some of the best still water silver sport I have had in a while, fishing the double number four elastic to light balanced tackle was brilliant, and as soon as the as I started to land smaller fish, big pot of maggots went in and the better silvers were straight back over the feed.  Unfortunately this was not to last, as the perfect weather we started with managed to turn into nothing less than unfishable on the pole due to the wind cutting across my peg and resulting in myself only able to fish top two, and fishing the shelf resulted in two Carp and a great deal of Gudeon and small silver on that line. I still managed forty eight pounds of silver fish for a great day of fishing.

The bomb and pellet from the off was the killer tactics, and I mean killer, Stephen did not have time to get  his rod on the rests before it flew round for another lump. Stephen had two nets in, three meter Carp nets and we discussed the option of not putting anything over ten pound in them as we both target specimen fish and it would not sit right with us. So after five hours the plan was to take the nets out similar to a match. It got to a point where Stephen was getting a little worried about the amazing day he was having and the amount of fish in the nets. So out they came and the scales showed us some surprising results, net one was nearly eighty pounds, and the second just on sixty, with the seven Stephen had put back in over ten pounds and this was only half twelve, so half way through the day Stephen was tipping the scales at two hundred pounds and we had not even had any dinner.

Barry fished a mixture of pellet waggler and bomb and  pellet, for a hundred pound of Carp. Barry's swim was producing less frantic action, but action never the less. So back to Stephen, after we slipped an already impressive haul of fish back into the drink, he started casting his bomb line back in, without any feeding at all for nearly an hour and a half his rod didn't even make it to the rest before it got pulled round. Stephen managed another fifteen fish at least before we finished so defiantly pushing the scales over three hundred pounds by this point, and was not looking like stopping, but Stephen was all fished out.

In conclusion, Holbar was a real delight to fish, and with Stephen managing such a weight of fish on simple tactics, shows its quality. Barry had a fantastic day fishing with us and cannot wait to go back. Myself on the silvers side of things was nothing but brilliant. Big thanks to Mel from the bailiff team, and the Partridge lakes for their hospitality.

Water: Holbar

Pegs:  Barry 15, Stephen 16, Adam 17


Adam:  Pole at six meters, fished two inches over depth just at the bottom of the shelf, Dino Chi Chi 0.8 float, fished with an olivet 0.7 dropper, 4lb main line to 3lb bottom with a size 16 B911 F1 hook. Double maggot on the hook, fished over big pots of red maggot. Top tip every time the bites turned from decent silvers to smaller bits and missed bites, feed again with good big pot of maggots.

Stephen: Maver Abyss  11ft Feeder Rod, 2 oz tip, 6lb main line, 0.17 Preston Power Reflo hook length 15 inches long to size 14 QM1 hooks from Guru, with Guru square lead and lead clips. 8mm pellets banded feeding little and often over the top 6-8 pellets at a time. Top tip from Stephen was to land the lead in the same place each time, approx two foot from the reeds on the far margin buy using a the clip and making sure the rod is behind your head when the line hits the clip so you can put a few turns on the real.

Barry: Pellet waggler and Bomb to far margin, 8mm pellets banded feeding 3-4 pellets over the top little and often.