Covey 5

Written by
Adam Bowen.

The Partridge lakes Covey waters are noted as the premier match lakes in the North West, boasting impressive constant match waits in the warmer months, with constant action in the winter months,  ensuring great turn out for all weekend and midweek open and club matches. Covey 5 is one of the match lakes that is available for day tickets, so pleasure anglers can enjoy the match style canal and all the action they have to offer.

I followed Dave Williams from the team and he was joined by Harry Munro, a bright young angler well known on the match circuit, backed by DT floats and a lad knows his stuff when it comes to the Covey lakes. If you are considering fishing this lake, make sure you check the fishery website to make sure there is no match on.

Winter fishing is never easy, especially with a bitter North wind and a frosty start to the day, but with every winter fishing adventure, you have got to be in it to win it. The day started of slow, Dave and Harry working their pole lines against the wind, feeding little and often and making sure the lines are ready for if the fish decided to turn up. The constant work being put in by Dave and Harry, to make sure those lines were kept going is why Dave has been having great winter results so far this year and Harry is an up and comer on the match scene.

After the lunch, mainly enjoyed by myself as my swim was barley fishable due to the wind, the fish turned up, and they turned up in numbers. The lines that Dave and Harry had worked on started to produce bites, with both anglers netting fish simultaneously, Dave on his far line and Harry on his track line, and the feed started going in, Dave on his catapult full pouch and Harry with full cad pots of red maggot, they wanted and before long bites were being had and simply shipping pole out and on the drop, anyone could have thought it was a summers day.

Both anglers ended up with a good net of fish, Dave with a nice bag of F1's and a few Chub and Ide, good 40lb bag. Harry however pulled ahead later in the day with a good 50lb of F1's, with some of them being the 2lb mark, the larger stamp seemed to be that end of the stretch.

Big thanks as always to Dave, Barbara, Nel and Mel at Partridge Lakes, Dino Floats backing Dave, and DT floats backing Harry. If you have never been to partridge lakes, as a pleasure angler I believe you are seriously missing out, the venue and every water is kept to the highest standard and the service is always impeccable.

Peg : Harry 131, Dave 128


Harry: Float 4x14 DT f1 carbon rigged up on 0.12 silstar with a strung bulk of number 10s with a 0.10 hook link tied to a 20s b911f1 , the rig was connected via a Dacron which was attached to the new Drennan aqua elastic. The rig was plumbed up at 2 o clock, at around 7m deep, feeding red maggot and fishing single on the hook. The faster the bites came, the more feed was needed.

Dave:  Float Dino Merus 0.2g, 0.11 main line to 0.10 hook length both Preston Reflo. Hook  Kamasan f1 B911 20s. 11m Line was fished on the far shelf, laid on, feeding red maggot and fishing single on the hook.