The Lads with Andy May.

Today, myself and Carl Jenkins from the team had ventured out to Old Hough Fishery, Middlewich,and we were joined today for a special review day by Andy May (MAP), who knows this venue very well indeed.

With all our reviews we do we like to think of our followers, and how they would like to fish a venue, so with that in mind we decided to Fish, Big Max on the popular Complex offering a variety of methods to choose from, Feeder, Pellet Waggler, and pole work too. A 2.1-acre match pool with a central island Stocked with F1’s to 2lb,Carp to 8lb, Roach to 1lb, Bream to 5lb and Tench to 2lb. From each peg, the water deepens to 1.7m at 8m out, remains at that depth for a further 4m before sloping back up to 1m and on to the island at 1m in depth. Ideal for pole fishing over the first 13m and for the method feeder out to the island which is some 30m away.

We decided to start on the Method feeder casting to the island using groundbait with dead red maggots and Hard pellet as the hook bait, fishing was a bit slow with myself Carl and Andy only putting a couple of carp in the net using the method. Carl swapped over to long range Pellet waggler
fishing hard 6mm banded at around 12-18 inches deep and spraying 3 or 4  4mm Pellets out every 30 seconds to get the fish moving into the area, second cast in and the float buried carp on at around the 3lb mark, so myself and Andy swapped over to the waggler myself fishing Pellet and And fishing Caster, again the bite and carp came straight away for myself and Andy started hitting the vast shoals of Roach that are present in this lake. An hour or so past and the sport had slowed down, so a quick chat and a move was decided on that we move pools to Upper Bembo.

24 pegs on Upper Bembo with Carp to 9lb, F1′s to 2lb, Tench & Golden Tench to 3lb, Crucian Carp, Bream to 5lb, Ide to 3lb, Perch, Barbel, Chub to 3lb and Grass Carp to 2lb. An elongated canal with 12 well-spaced pegs along each side, it has a width of 14 metres, a 1 metre deep shelf both round the island and the perimeter and a 2 metre deep central channel.
Andy and Carl both fished 8m pole line on red maggots at around 12 inches deep and putting around a dozen maggots in and around the float every 30 seconds to get the Big Ide on the feed, Ooooossssshhhhh, straight away Andy was off to a flying start with a fish every put in either it being and Ide, a roach, perch or skimmer, and with Carl using the same tactic both of them where in the mix straight away. Both anglers starting to build up of a great net close in I decided to fish 14.5m to the far bank, cupping in some ground bait and fishing Shallow on the hard Pellet, carp milling around the reeds soon found the bait and a string of carp came in one after the other.

Carl and Andy were both catching from the off but Carl had started to hit some carp on the shallow line and soon started putting a nice net of carp into his nets, Andy had his match head on and soon was out to the 14.5m pole line and again Ooooossssshhhhh straight into carp, which continued for the few hours were he fished until 16.00hrs when he had to leave us for the day, he finished his short session on Upper Benbo with around 35lb, it was fantastic to be joined by him for the day, and can I say,what a great guy and Angler he is too and wish him well for his future angling exploits.

Myself and Carl had two hours left and both decided Down the Edge time had arrived, Carl on Corn 
and maggots for me as I header about the gold tench which live in this lake, Carl managed to have a fun filled two hours of Carp catching with carp up to 6lb down the edge and also had a Barbel and a couple of Tench too, I managed to bag a lot of carp up to 3lb, four Golden Tench, Perch and Ide, the amount of fish in the last two hours was fantastic resulting in a net of around 60lb for Carl and myself a conservative 50lb.

Big thank you too Doug for his hospitality and letting us review his fantastic fishery

Waters Fished: Big Max & Upper Benbo

Tactics used: Method, Pole & Waggler

Method: Guru method 24g feeder, F1 Bait-Tech Groundbait, 6mm Hard Pellet 30m To island.

Waggler: 12-18 inches Deep, Drennan Puddle Chucker Float, Hook, Guru QM1 Ready Tied Rigs 15 inch 16s.

Pole: Shalla, Dino Floats F1 pole float, 16s Maver Cs 22. Margin work, Dino Lunchy, 4lb line direct to Maver 16s Cs 22 hook.