River Dane, Northwich Town Stretch

Written By
Adam Bowen

This stretch of the River Dane, running through the Northwich town, is a very interesting stretch to explore, great access to the whole stretch, plenty of pegs and easy parking. The features are a mixture of overhanging trees, fast runs, decent glides and deep pools. The whole stretch can offer a mixture of stick or waggler, feeder, bomb and whip, with some fantastic sport. The pegs are your typical river pegs, all natural with a variety of sizes consisting of different depths and features.

On a small river like the Dane, Carl chose a narrow section only 20 meters wide , a wide piece of river by the Danes standard but covers and bushes from the far bank make it 15 meters . The flow was steady from the inside through to middle of the river , and a slight up stream breeze . He set up a simple stick float set up comprising of a 12 number 8 Maver stick float with number 8s classically strung down the line shirt button style and the hook link attached with a size 8 swivel to stop potential spin ups .

Main line was Bayer 2.6 as it floats beautifully and a bottom line of .12 the hook was a size 20 b611 but as the fish came thick and fast a size 16 b611 was the choice , this made unhooking the fish easier and safer and putting maggots on the hook quicker as I'm a bit of a glasses wearing chap these days . All said when you catch chub , dace , skimmer bream , roach , Rudd and perch on a stick float , you know you've had a cracking day

Day tickets for this stretch of river are available from Northwich anglers and Vale Royal Angling Center in the town. With reports from the locals of big Barbel showing on the stretch and big Chub, it is a fantastic stretch of the Dane, that will be we will be venturing down in the near future.