Northwich Angling Association

Northwich anglers association has an excellent portfolio of river, canal and still waters on their card, with a slick website and day tickets available on a lot of their waters, i gives you an opportunity to try and see if you would benefit from a membership. Established in 1911, Northwich Anglers Association is a forward thinking organization based in the heart of Cheshire with a wide variety of diverse and accessible fishing venues. Whether you are the relaxed Sunday pleasure angler looking to unwind, the committed carper chasing a UK 40, or the serious match man looking for glory on the Weaver, we have waters you'll want to fish. For all the details for the waters, membership and everything you need to know please follow the links below, and follow the review buttons to see how the team gets on fishing their waters.

Please follow links below for all the information and tactics on the waters belonging to this club the team has fished.
Whip on the Weaver, Boat Section.
 17th September 2014
 River Dane, Northwich town stretch.
 September 2016