Black Poplar Lake

It makes a refreshing change to visit and fish a water you have never fished before, and to fish a Commercial water that has the feel of “Natural Water” makes it even better.

Heading out to Manley Old Hall and picking Black Poplar lake to fish, I was joined for the day by match/Commercial angler Warren Boswell who had recently published an article on our Facebook page, so we thought we would invite him out for the day doing a joint review. Driving up to the Fishery, we were stopped in our tracks by a steady stream of cows on the way to be milked which held us up for a while, but to be honest, it did not make any difference to the fishing or the outcome of the day at all.

Deciding to fish two pegs either side of a massive cabbage patch in the water at around 12m out, the signs where there from the off that the place was alive with fish, constant ripples coming off the floating cabbages leaves, where below the fish would be feeding on I guess natural food, and also there was a constant stream of fish topping all over the lake, we could not get set up quick enough.Deciding to keep tactics simple on the day, my set up consisted of…. Feeder rod, Pole and Pellet waggler. Pellet Waggler set up was a simple 4g Maver UFO loaded Pellet waggler, fishing between 8” and 18” deep with 8mm Bait-Tech carp and Coarse pellets on a banded hook link.

Feeder Rod, 24g Small Hybrid Feeder, Bait-Tech 2mm Carp and coarse pellets, and 6mm and 8mm carp and coarse pellets for the hook
3 Pole lines, Close in at around 6m out fishing on the deck using Bait-Tech Boosted meat (6mm cubes), and also Bait-Tech Scopex corn, and just potting in some Hemp and micro pellets. Dino Merus 0.4g Float, down to a 16s MWG Guru hook.
Long pole to Cabbages 13m, again on the deck but just using 8mm Carp and Coarse pellets on the deck, and feeding this line by just firing the odd couple of pellets out now and again just  to keep the fish on the deck, Float, Dino Steel in 0.4g and again 16s MWG Guru hook but  with a band.

Shallow 13m pole line, Open water fishing shallow between 8” and 18” deep and using the same 8mm pellets as my on the deck rig, and again using a 16s MWG hook with a band. Starting off on the short pole line using 6mm cubed meat, I decided to fish very positive, soft pot full of hemp and Corn after every fish or put in to get the fish in the swim and keep them occupied as I knew there was lots of Tench an Crucian carp. Shipping my float and bait over the baited area, I waited for around 5 seconds for the float to sail away and my first Tench was in the net, shipping back out to the same area the float was away straight away, this time a small Crucian Carp was in the net, with only a few minutes gone of the session I knew it was going to be a good day. The meat was removed and a grain of corn was put on, same again the float buried after shipping out, this time a bit more of a fight was evident from a small Common carp of around 3lb in weight. With a steady stream of Tench, Crucian, Common and Silvers falling in the first hour, I was very happy.

With the Temptation of the long Pole line eating away at me, it was time to ship out to the cabbages. I had been feeding the long line for an hour now with 8mm pellets, (but only putting 2 or 3 in at a time hoping this would keep the Carp on the deck). Shipping out to 13m I lay the float in only for it to sail away on the drop with a nice Rudd taking the 8mm pellet, next put in the bait managed to get to the bottom, but within seconds my pole was arched over heading towards the cabbages with a monster of carp on, nothing could be done as it was in there and not coming out, Carp 1, me 0… On with another rig and out again to the baited area, fish on, and somehow I managed to bully it away into open water and got it to the net, a nice Common Carp of around 4lb, staying on this line for a further hour, I managed to land some nice Skimmers, Tench and some Roach and Rudd too all on 8mm Pellet.

Swapping over to the Shallow rig at 13m in open water, the Carp where having the 8mm pellets shallow straight away, some lovely looking commons falling to this method and oh they could fight too. Having a couple of hours left of the session and the rain starting to fall I thought I would try the Pellet waggler and also the Hybrid Fedeer. Starting off on the waggler it was action straight away with a mix of common and Mirror carp falling to the 8mm pellets. The last hour saw me finishing off on the Hybrid feeder, and again like the rest of the day it was a bite as soon as the feeder settled, Carp and Tench falling to the mix of 6mm and 8mm hook baits.

Warrens set ups on the day consisted of…
Long pole to the Cabbages on the deck using Chopped worm and caster, with a squirt of Bait-Tech liquid worm, using a Drennan 0.3g wire stem float and a size 16 wide gape hook, Long Shallow rig 13m, Korum large Blob float down to a 16s wide gape hook again feeding 6mm F1 Sonubait hard pellet and using a 6mm cube of meat on the hook.Close in pole, top 2 plus 2, on the deck using chopped worm and caster and again using a Drennan wire stem float 0.3g and fishing his bait hard on the bottom.

Warren had a fantastic days fishing and catching from the off on all baits and methods, 12 carp up to 12lb, Five big Bream pushing 4lb, lots of Tench, Crucian Carp, Roach, Rudd and Skimmers to the 1lb mark, lots of fish were caught using the Shallow meat rig on the day, and managed some nice Bream and Skimmers fishing close in on Chopped worm and Caster. Warren also had the waggler out on the day and he also used Bomb and pellet too, but to be fair he had a massive tree above him and also to his left side which was not ideal trying to constantly cast out, the pole was the better option on the day but still caught on the above mentioned tactics too.

All in all it was a fantastic First time at the venue, and am sure we will be back for another visit very soon.
Tight Lines, Dave Williams