Lake 1 (Match Lake) Winter 2013

22nd January 2013.

As the snow had fallen and froze over the past few days, my partner for the session, Lee and myself were lucky to get away with an ice free venue.  We loaded our gear onto shuttles and went to locate our peg on the match pool. The pegs at this venue are in the process of being upgraded, the old wooden ones are being replaced by new ones being dug into hardcore. Drainage ditches have been dug out by the Environment Agency reducing the flooding issue.

We started on the tip using a variety of tactics, with an aim to catch a Winter Carp. Lee set up a straight Guru square lead, using a small pellet cone to a hair rigged white boillie and then corn, I chose to fish a small cage feeder with micro pellets to hair rigged corn, then switching to a small maggot feeder and double red on the hook, unfortunately this method only produced one Roach between us, and no Carp.

With no Carp coming out we decided to change to plan B, we both fished pole at 8 meters, fishing an inch over depth, using 3lb main line to a 2lb hook length to a size 18 kamasan b911 with double red maggot. The pole lines started slow but then came into their own as we worked the rigs, the float got planted with a nice Perch which was just the start, Roach and Ide were plenty with three Chub, which saved the session. This showed that on some still waters even in the coldest weather you can still catch, always remember to wrap up warm and keep your feed accurate and in small amounts , if you work your rig you can catch even on the coldest of days.

Written by James Davies.

lower ridge fishery chester winter 2013