Lake 1

16th May 2012

First time I fished this water and from the amount of anglers on the water and the rate the fish were coming out, I knew I was in good for a day. Walking around the first lake I got chatting to two gents, John Sinkinson and John Woodrow, who coached me through the fisheries pegs and informed me of the tactics for this water, while watching the two Johns fishing, they were taking a lot of fish and two excellent anglers.

The fishery itself, i a great looking three water fishery, with all pegs well placed and of good standing, on lake 1 all areas were catching open water, against the island and in the margins. t\his venue has a large hard of good fish as well as some large Carp. I took some Ide on the day that were the biggest Ide I have ever had.

The fish I took were mainly F1 Carp, Mirror Carp, Roach and Ide, all fish were in great condition. The Johns was catching very well on the tip against the large island fishing the pellet feeder and 4mm banded pellet on the hook, it was a fish a chuck. I had a very nice bag of fish and a few friends came to watch me, nothing to do with them having a match there on Sunday......Oh and me too.




  1. Tip to the Island, small cage feeder with a mix of 2mm and explosive feeder ground bait, with a hair rigged corn.
  2. Pole, six meters on the bottom, 6mm soft hooker and feeding 2-4mm pellets, feeding needed to be little and often, the key I find with feeding on the pole is to be accurate.


lower ridge lake 1